A look at Dodger prospects

For those of us who are avid followers of the Dodgers but do not get a chance to see all our Dodger farm teams in person, we have to depend on media reports from the cities in which they are located, on discussions with those in touch with those minor league teams and who often talk with scouts and other team officials about players, read through the daily box scores and stats provided by Baseball America, and players records from the past.

With that said, I am making some early and loose judgments and guesses on what I think might be the cases for certain players. Here are my impressions of players in the Dodger farm system who seem to be doing well and I believe some of them will one day become Dodgers. You will note that I do not include several heretofore highly rated players including Edwin Jackson, Joe Hanrahan, Greg Miller and James Loney. Miller and Loney are out with injuries, while Jackson and Hanrahan are not yet doing all that well.

AAA Las Vegas--The only position player doing real well is 1B/3B Luis Garcia who could one day supplant either Olmedo Saenz or Jason Grabowski currently filling the same roles with the Dodgers. The most effective starting pitcher thus far has been Heath Totten, a right hander. The best left handed relief pitcher is veteran Troy Brohawn coming back from injury. Doug Nickel another veteran is doing a solid job as a RH reliever.

AA Jacksonville--Jacksonville is doing very well thanks to a super pitching staff. Ryan Ketchner a late pickup, is a solid left handed starter doing very well. Another lefty starter Derek Thompson has been a pleasant surprise after missing all last year due to arm surgery. Andrew Brown who came over in the Odalis Perez trade is doing well starting and also is coming back from arm trouble. Harold Eckert a newcomer is doing nicely thus far.

As for position players the most productive have been in the system for several years each, 3B Brennan King and OF Jason Repko, but neither seem to figure very high on the depth charts for their positions.

High A Vero Beach--A lot had been expected at Vero with some prime prospects on hand, but only two have shown brightly and both are starting pitchers. Jonathan Broxton has been outstanding as has Chad Billingsley. Both are right handers. With decent run support, which is often missing these days they both could be big winners. The team has only one position player causing a ripple. Alex Requena is 23 and his career record prior to this season has been lacking. His great speed reminds some of Wilkin Ruan and Shane Victorino but I don't see him making it to the Dodgers.

If I had to guess which of the players mentioned above have the best chance to one day wear Dodger Blue they are: Troy Brohawn, Yhency Brazoban, Ryan Ketchner, Andrew Brown and the two 19 year olds, Broxton and Billingsley.