Draft Reports

We will have continual draft updates on June 7 and 8 to keep you up to date on the players the Dodgers have selected and in which round. Los Angeles is in an enviable position since they will have their own pick -- the 17th pick in the first round -- plus the 28th and 33rd pick overall from the Yankees for signing Paul Quantrill.

Minor League Editor Bill Shelley will not only provide Dodger selections but we will include details on each player chosen. Tell your friends to keep this site open on their computers to get the news as is developes.

Shelley recently wrote in Dodgers Dugout "An intriguing part of this draft involves just what the Dodger philosophy is, for first-year general manager Paul DePodesta was a key figure in Oakland's insistence on collegians in previous drafts. Dodger Director of Amature Scouting, Logan White, on the other hand, became notorious for his movement toward high schoolers in the two years that he's been the L.A. draft honcho.

"In 2002 they comprised seven of the first eight players picked with only second baseman Delwyn Young (fourth round), a junior college player, interrupting the flow. Last year, it was eight from the high school ranks before going for infielder Brett Dowdy from the University of Florida in round nine.

"But White has always maintained that it was the tendency of other teams to opt for the collegians that dictated his moves. They pretty well ignored the good high schoolers early so they were there for him and he didn't hesitate. If the opposite proves true this year, he'll react accordingly."