The View From the East Coast

I want pass along some random thoughts. First, in my view a four day suspension is too harsh for Milton Bradley and further it hurts the team more than it does him. Bob Watson might have had a bigger impact on Bradley if the fine was for $10,000 with a one game suspension and that would not penalize the whole team.

There is a poll going on, on the Dodger Website about streaks and it includes Eric Gagne's 76 saves in a row. Eric is a terriffic pitcher and deserved his Cy Young Award, HOWEVER, the current save rule is a joke. A closer comes in, in the ninth inning with a 3 run lead, no one out or on base. He gets out of the inning (and maybe even gives up a run or two) and he gets a save. That's cheap! No save should be given unless he comes in with the tying runs on base and he preserves the lead for the win. Just think, another pitcher gives up one run in just one inning and he has a 27.00 ERA, for that game while the closer gives up one or two runs in one inning and is rewarded with a save. I could go on about a closer coming in to pitch one to three innings and how a save should be determined, but I think you get my point. And how about this, a pitcher comes in with his team trailing. He gives up a run or two maybe three, putting them further behind. He is pinch hit for in the bottom of that same inning and his team takes the lead. That's one poor inning pitched. Then another pitcher comes in works three shutout innings and the team wins. And who gets the victory? -- the pitcher who was clobbered in his one inning of work, not the guy who did so well. ... I did not see Hideo Nomo pitch last night's game, but in the accounts I read and his record he seemed to do poorly so. Wy do some people think it was a marvelous outing? It was as bad as he pitched all spring training and in his regular season games so far this year. ... Looking at what Joe Thurston is doing at Las Vegas compared to Antonio Perez and Jose Flores, one wonders about his future with the Dodgers, although he did okay in his recent callup. ... What does Luis Garcia have to do to get called up? ... And hey, even C.F. Chen has hit ten homers. ... And finally, keep your fingers crossed that Logan White can find a few hitters in the upcoming draft, and stay tuned for coverage of that draft right here in the LAdugout.