Spencer's Views : 9 Questions

Here are a few things I am curious about. If you have a solution or an opinion, please share it with us by email and we can discuss it. Send your solution[s] to Spendodger2@AOL.com.

1. The Dodgers love switching players around, not always to one different position but to several. Why then, with shortstops like Cesar Izturis, Antonio Perez, Jose Flores and Chin Lung Hu are they still playing Joel Guzman there at Vero Beach? Guzman is finally hitting and with power (11 home runs). He is not as good a shortstop as those mentioned. He has an above average arm. Could he play outfield where the Dodgers could use some talent? Could he play first base, he'd be a big target?
2. Why are we waiting so long to take Hideo Nomo out of the starting rotation and put him on the 60 day DL? Maybe he can come back in August to help.
3. Why do we persist in batting Shawn Green in the cleanup spot? He's been a rally killer all season long, to say nothing of last year. Just think how many more runs the Dodgers would have scored with Beltré hitting 4th.
4. Why are we adamant about keeping Alvarez in the bullpen as opposed to replacing Nomo?
5. What role if any, is GM Paul DePodesta taking, regarding the current Dodger lineups used by manager Jim Tracy?
6. Will the Dodgers change their sights and look for a proven quality starting pitcher as opposed to a proven run producer?
7. Is Robin Ventura the team's best answer for a bench role? They have others who can play either first or third base.
8. Why don't the Dodgers run more? They have several players who could steal bases. Roberts of course, but also Izturis, Bradley, Green and Encarnacion. Beltré could too, but not with his ankle problems.
9. Is David Ross set in concrete as the backup to LoDuca, or will Koyie Hill finally get a chance in the majors? Seems like he might produce more than Ross at the plate.

There are more questions I could ask. However, I feel this team seems to have enough talent to make the playoffs. But let's face it. Another solid player or two would ensure Dodger baseball in October.