View from the Right Coast

According to all we read and hear, General Manager Paul DePodesta is still looking to make a deal or two, but points out with so many teams still in the hunt for either a division title or wild card spot, it is too early. And so … dream along with me for while.

There are nine teams out of their races and who might be looking for help for the future, plus another one, well behind the division leader, but who could become a trading partner because of a player they can't re-sign and a starting pitcher whose is having a poor year.

My ideas below are based on purely my personal feelings and not necessarily on any rumors nor on any facts made public.

I'm going to approach this matter basically with our primary needs (a hitter and pitcher) in mind and secondarily on something the trading partners might need or like to have. Let's start with the American League:

Baltimore--Jay Gibbons who plays OF and 1B is having a terrible year at bat. But he hits from the left side and has power. Word has it they might be willing to trade Sidney Ponson who is having just as bad a year with 12 losses already plus a sky high ERA. They need pitching and we have some, including a lot of young arms who we could trade.

Boston--They trail the Yankees and seem to want to trade Nomar Garciaparra and appear willing to possibly unload Derek Lowe. They want a shortstop in return and are reportedly interested in Cesar Izturis. I would not consider that unless both Lowe and Nomar were in the deal. Obviously some other Dodgers would have to be included in a blockbuster deal like that.

Kansas City--Mike Sweeney is having a poor season and word is they might be willing to trade him. Maybe a package of an outfielder and a couple of young prospects including an infielder, a pitcher or catcher might corral him.

Seattle-- Bret Boone might be available. He is having an off year and they could use a middle infielder, an outfielder, and a young pitcher or two. So how about trying to get Joel Pineiro and Boone for a package of four players.

Tampa--They are out of their race, but also they don't have much to deal away to fill our primary needs, nor do we have much they can use to upgrade. I don't envision them as a "hot" trading partner.

Toronto--They seem to want to dump Carlos Delgado and his $17 million salary. If he is physically able, he surely could fill a need at 1B for the Dodgers, but the man wants a two year extension at his current salary which is ridiculous. Some feel his presence would bring Shawn Green back to life … yeah sure! But maybe if they'd expand a deal to include Miguel Batista, then could the Dodgers put together a package? They could use a couple of outfielders, a young starter and a closer. So how about this for a real blockbuster? Guillermo Mota, Juan Encarnacion, Dave Roberts and Joel Hanrahan for Carlos and Miguel.

In the National League there are four teams out of their division races who might be possible trading partners:

Arizona--They seem to be willing to trade 40 year old Steve Finley, and how about offering them Encarnacion for Finley?

ColoradoHow about seeking starter Joe Kennedy and OF Mark Sweeney and offer them Juan Encarnacion, Joel Hanrahan and Ryan Ketchner.

Montreal-- Offer the Expos six players Alex Cora, David Ross, Juan Encarnacion, Joel Hanrahan, Ryan Ketchner and Jose Flores for three, Jose Vidro, Carl Everett and Tony Armas Jr.

Pittsburgh-- I would love to have rookie OF Jason Bay and would also ask for starter Kris Benson and offer the Pirates any four players from the following pool: Juan Encarnacion, Reggie Abercrombie, Chin Feng Chen Koyie Hill, Joel Hanrahan, Luis Garcia, Jose Flores and Jason Repko.

You see what happens to us when there's a three day break?

I think Paul DePodesta is going to come up with a big surprise for us in the not too distant future. I'm holding my breath, but hope I don't turn blue, not even Dodger Blue.