The View From the Right Coast

As the Dodgers are riding high, Paul DePodesta can feel really good about it, as can Jim Tracy and just about all of the players. And yet … there's another man, no longer with the Dodgers who can also feel good about the team.

There are eight players on the Dodgers who were not with the team in 2003. Four were brought in by DePodesta, but also, there are four who were invited to spring training by former General Manager Dan Evans.

It was Evans who came up with Jose Lima, Jose Hernandez, Duaner Sanchez and Olmedo Saenz, each of whom have made some significant contributions.

And of course those brought in at the 11th hour by DePodesta: Milton Bradley, Jayson Werth, Jason Grabowski and most recently Giovanni Carrara for a second go around.

But maybe the one or two additions, hopefully to be made this month, will be even more fruitful and get us into the playoffs.

With eight and six game losing streaks already in the books, maybe they are now out of the team's system. Maybe with the string of key injuries already sustained, they too will end the almost seeming stream to the DL.

The Dodger front office seems as tight under DePodesta as it was under Evans. I am thinking in terms of which players they might have to give up in trades. Of course we know that Guillermo Mota is being sought by many teams.

The Dodgers seem to be more than willing to deal Juan Encarnacion with Jayson Werth doing so well. And if they can come up with a big bat at first base and a guy to carry it who is still under 30, even James Loney becomes expendable.

In my view a first basemen is our best bet, because an outfield of Roberts, Bradley, Green, Encarnacion and Grabowski is solid.

As for a pitcher, I haven't any idea of what the GM will find. There are some pretty good names floating around. I thought DePodesta might be able to get his old boss Billy Beane to send Barry Zito to LA for a good package of players. Kris Benson of the Pirates is still available. As are Miguel Batista of Toronto, maybe Derek Lowe of Boston, Jamie Moyer of Seattle, Paul Wilson of Cincinnati and Tony Armas of Montreal.

In addition, there are a few we might never have thought of. Let's keep our fingers crossed.