The View From the Right Coast

Things are a lot better than some fans think. The Dodgers have 17 games left, the Giants 16 and the Padres 15.

For several weeks now, with the starting pitching suffering, the Dodgers have kept their heads above water (.500) going 12 and 10. Not very good, but if they can play .500 ball in their remaining games (9-9) they wind up with 93 victories against 69 losses.

That means the Giants have to go 13-4 in their final games to catch them and the Padres 16-1 to tie the Dodgers. Those teams will be facing one another head on.

The news on Brad Penny was good. According to Ross Porter he pitched well September 15 and hit in the low 90s with his fast ball. If he can start at least a couple of games and go five or six innings that would be a tremendous boost for the team both practically and psychologically.

Steve Finley, Jayson Werth and Cesar Izturis are our hot guys right now. Adrian Beltré may well have another hot spurt over the last two and a half weeks. Even Shawn Green is hitting better, so things look pretty good from where I sit.