View From the Right Coast

I listened to the interview with Frank McCourt and Milton Bradley. I am so happy for McCourt who took a great deal of "heat" from many people when he purchased the Dodgers. He gave the fans several pledges as to wanting to get to the playoffs and giving the fans and L.A. a winning and championship team again. He promised to bring players in who would help make the team winners and he and his newly appointed General Manager did just that.

Many in the media and many fans made dire predictions that he was going to gut the team -- sell off stars, slash the payroll -- and even accused him of wanting to tear down Dodger Stadium for a housing project. Never in all my years, did I hear more negative charges and comments about a team owner, than I did about Frank and Jamie McCourt. The man delivered and has been true to his word. It should shut up a lot of perennial naysayers and detractors.

During the interview McCourt heaped praise on his players and especially on Milton Bradley as his arm was around Milton's shoulder. Bradley who was in tears, had, like McCourt sustained strong barbs both written and verbal over his recent tantrum on the field.

I was happy to hear McCourt say that he wanted Bradley around in the future. Milton was emotionally moved during that interview and McCourt's words had to make him feel good.

Frankly, I would not be surprised to see Milton have a terrific playoffs series. McCourt even said that the Dodgers would not have become division champs without Bradley's presence and contributions and I fully agree with that. I believe Frank loves baseball and loves his team and it's players.

When spring training broke in Vero Beach, in my Dodger Dugout column I picked them to finish third behind the Giants and Diamondbacks and I even wrote they could get trouble from San Diego.

I am enjoying "eating my words" and I am looking forward to the upcoming playoff series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Odalis Perez is well rested, as are Jeff Weaver and Jose Lima. All we need is for Adrian Beltré to get back in the groove, for Steve Finley to stay hot and for Shawn Green to re-discover his power stroke, especially when men are on base. Go Dodgers!

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