Well, here we go

This is the first Dodger Post Season that I have or will have any thorough recollection of since I became a student of the game when I was 3. In 1988, I was 7. My sister had a broken leg and I was more caught up in nursing her back to health than what the Boys in Blue were doing on the diamond.

I do remember bits and pieces, though.

Gibbie pumping his fist and hobbling around the basepaths, Orel getting lifted on the shoulders of his teammates, and I remember my mom wiping the tears from her eyes when the Dodgers won the whole enchilada.

I also remember getting pelted by a pillow or shoe when I made the mistake of walking in front of the television in the middle of a pitch. In 1996, I was 15, and trying my best to be the girly-girl that I am not by playing volleyball.

Needless to say, it was a short-lived volleyball season, and a shorter post-season for the Dodgers.

Now, at the ripe old age of 23, I am a seasoned veteran of the game. I have argued with the critics that have stated that Adrian Beltré would not become anything because he couldn't seem to put an entire season together.

I have stomached those that say that the Dodgers will crumble under such young management and ownership.

And I have taken in every second of this delicious season that my beloved Dodgers have managed to put together.

I have relished in every second, and held on to every moment, good and bad.

And I now understand why my mom was brought to tears when the Dodgers won the Series so many years ago, because I found myself misting over upon hearing the news that they clinched.

In a season that has had so many highs and lows, I have seen a unification amongst these players that I have not seen in any team in my life.

A person would think that a group of guys that have had so many unknowns would be edgy, frustrated and frightened for who they were going to find or find missing in the clubhouse the next day.

Although this season is a far cry from the Rupert Murdoch years, it felt that way for a brief second when Paul LoDuca was shuffled away.

What could have and should have been a rather disappointing year has become a year of relief and excitement.

There were come from behind wins with a different hero in every game. The pitching staff, battered and bruised, showed that it was much more resilient than realized.

For a team that has been plagued by injuries, anger management issues, suspensions, and a starting pitcher that was never set until game time, these guys did pretty okay for themselves.

Better than okay, actually.

They showed us that they have more heart, soul, and the ever-coveted never-say-die attitude that so many players wish they had just an ounce of.

The season has been a bumpy ride, and I don't imagine this the post season will be lacking in any nail-biting moments.

Game One is in the books, but more importantly, it's under our belts. For a club that is so jam-packed with veterans, and young ones at that, they are all rookies in their own right at this point in the season.

With the exception of Finley and Ventura, none have tasted a post season. Perhaps that explains the frustrating performance in St. Louis.

They didn't seem jittery or nervous, but who wouldn't be in their first post-season opportunity.

Especially when that first shot comes against the team with the best record in all of baseball.

The Cardinals have somewhat silently put together a 105 win season, and have the potential to cruise through the post season in that same style. Most have already penciled the Cards into the World Series, but the Dodgers that the Cardinals last played in the regular season is not the same team that they are playing now.

You wouldn't have known it to watch them on October 5, but they really aren't the same team.

Even at a 7-0 deficit, there was still an extra bounce in everyone's step. There was even an effort at a late inning come-back.

It was a weak effort, but it was still there.

They weren't skunked, and there's still work to do.

And that's okay, as long as they get to it ASAP.

I'm sure that Game 2 will bring a sense of new-found urgency and the comeback boys that we all know and love will be back at it again. That is, now that the first one is in the books.

Well, here we go...