Dodgers to Remove Names from Jerseys

The Los Angeles Times reports the Dodgers will remove player names from their uniforms next season, joining the New York Yankees as the only major league teams without names on home and road jerseys.

The Chicago White Sox, under the direction of Bill Veeck, were the first to put names on the back of jerseys and the Dodgers followed suit in 1972.

Dodger co-owner Frank McCourt said the decision more a desire to embrace tradition rather than tinker with it.

"It's all about the name on the front of the uniform: the Los Angeles Dodgers," McCourt said in a statement. "As we move into our 50th anniversary celebration of the organization's first world championship, this is a tip of the cap to our great heritage and tradition."

The Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants include player names on road jerseys but not on home jerseys.