Dodger Minor League Prospects

Seventh in a series as we count down among the Dodgers' top prospects.

Position- Outfield/Starting Pitcher
Residence- Long Beach, Cal.
DOB- Oct. 19, 1984
04 Club- Gulf Coast Dodgers (Rookie)

A lot of people feel he'll wind up in the big leagues some day. The question is -- at what position? As a first baseman, who sometimes pitched, he was chosen in the 11th round of the 2002 draft for his offensive potential. But he opted for a year at Gold West Junior College where he was utlized more as a pitcher, bumping his fast ball up from the high 80's to the low 90's in the process so he was left on the mound after signing as a draft-and-follow.

Pitching in the Gulf Coast League in 2002, he would throw some splendid innings with some where his breaking pitch would get hammered and wound up with a 2-4, 3.33 mark. The thinking was that he could come on rapidly the next year but instead he developed tendinitis.

Since he was precluded from pitching, he was allowed to dust off the bat, then spent last summer as an outfielder but the year's accululation of rust led to a tendency to get himself out by swinging at questionable pitches so he was only .224-0-10.

Still, the strong, quick stroke is there so some will argue that he can come on in this area. Next spring if his arm is cured, would seem to be decision time for clearly he has to concentrate on one phase of the game. Athletic versatility seems to run in the family. His father was a basketball star in college at USC, then played professionally -- in the NFL.