Dodger Prospect Shane Victorino

21st in a series as we count down among the top Dodger prospects.

Position- Outfielder
Residence- Wailuku, Hawaii
DOB- Nov. 3, 1980
Height- 5-9
B/T- S-R
04 Club(s)- Las Vegas (AAA); Jacksonville (AA)

For a long time, his game has been about speed. As a senior in high school, he set the Hawaii state record of 10.8 in the 100 meters and also won the 200 and 400 in 1999, the year he was drafted in the sixth round.

As a pro, he's stolen 47 bases once and 45 another time. Although he's been a respectable hitter --averaging .272 in his first five years in the minors -- he didn't get on enough to merit a promotion to the big club. His only major league experience came in 2003 when San Diego plucked him the Rule 5 draft and kept him around for awhile. But he obviously wasn't ready , hitting only .151, so they wound up giving him back to L.A.

The Dodgers had started experimenting with him as a switch-hitter but it was a sometime thing. Victorino resisted it at first and when he floundered would give it up. This past season, when he began by hitting only .235 at Las Vegas, he was demoted to Jacksonville.

Here the switching truly took hold and he started driving the ball as never before. Hitherto, his home run high was only four but now his line drives often carried over the wall and he wound up with 16. He compiled a .327 average, also by far his best, as he seemed to become the leadoff man they hoped he could be.

In the field, he certainly can cover center but has enough arm for right.

Yet, although the Dodgers pulled up five outfielders from the minors at the end of the season, Victorino wasn't one of them. So, now once again, he's a prime Rule 5 candidate. If he somehow is still around next spring, he would seem to be more than ready to join the Vegas outfield on a fulltime basis.