Dodger Prospect Blake Johnson

34th in a series as we count down among the top Dodger prospects.

Position- Starting Pitcher
Residence- Baton Rouge, La.
DOB-June 14, 1985
Height- 6-3
04 Club- Ogden (Rookie)

Johnson was the Dodger second round draft choice in 2004, one that they felt had unusual poise for a high schooler so sent him into the demanding atmosphere of the Pioneer League pitching to batters who, for the most part, had far more experience.

The results were a 3-3, 6.47 mark. Obviously the bloated ERA shows that he has a lot to learn . However, he certainly has the arm and the pitches to travel far in this game. He features an above average fast ball which has good run and sinking action and a hammer curve with a tight, late break. His arm action is easy and smooth, his mechanics sound.

He collected 57 strikeouts in the same number of innings, walking only 19 demonstrating his command of the strike zone. In all, there was every reason to be pleased with his initial effort and to feel that he's on track to become a starting pitcher in the major leagues down the road.