Dodger Prospect Cody Ross

37th in a series as we count down among the top Dodger prospects.

Position- Outfielder
Residence-Carlsbad, N. Mex.
DOB- Dec. 23, 1980
04 Club Las Vegas (AAA)

Cody Ross has certainly been plagued by a number of injuries that have cost him big league opportunities. He went out with a torn ACL after a September 2003 call-up to the Tigers and missed a lot of the 2004 campaign with Las Vegas. He also certainly would have been among the Dodger September call-ups then but a broken hand negated that.

In and around the physical problems, Ross has been a player whose production has often exceeded what many in the game expected of him for he's not that big , particularly fast or strong. However, he plays with knowledge and determination. That helped him get going after a slow start this past season and he seemed to have hit his stride just before the latest mishap.

He can pull the ball with some pop and plays the field in more than acceptable fashion with an accurate arm. He's the kind of player that will make the most of any chance so can't be counted out in making it to L.A. at some time this summer.