The Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles

What is in a name? Does a name really mean anything? Ask Angel owner Artie Moreno and he will tell the name Los Angeles is worth millions of dollars. Believe it or not Los Angeles is very popular globally.

Despite what people in Northern California think, Los Angeles is still the place many people long to be. No matter where you go on this planet, somebody's has got the name "Los Angeles" in his attire. The name "Los Angeles" sells more items on the market than the American flag.

So it makes sense the Artie Moreno wants his Angels to represent the city of Los Angeles. But, to the residents of Anaheim, Los Angeles might as well be in another country. Even though Anaheim is about 30 miles south from Downtown Los Angeles, these two areas have about as much in common as Iraq and Kuwait.

Style and politics are what separates the two metro areas. If the mayor of Anaheim had his way, there would be a statue of Rush Limbaugh at the Anaheim City limits sign. That same statue would not even last 24 hours in downtown Los Angeles. As a former resident of Southern California, I can testify to the fact that the Dodgers are Los Angeles's team.

Just think if all the West Coast's teams followed the same philosophy as the Angels. Can you imagine?

The San Diego Padres of Los Angeles: When the Dodgers play at Petco, half of the stadium is in blue. Padre hats can not compete in sales with Dodger hats. Adding "Los Angeles" to the Padre hat would rectify this matter.

The Oakland Athletics of Los Angeles: The Athletics attendance is among the leagues worst. Only the Expos are lower, and they have moved to Washington D.C. If this ever did happen, I do not think anybody would care.

The Seattle Mariners of Los Angeles: This franchise started out dismal. In the last decade, the Mariners have had some success. Half of Seattle's residents are from California. This could be a smart move.

The Dodgers are the only Major League Baseball to win a World Series in Los Angeles. The last time was in 1988. Dodger fans still get chills when they talk about the 88 series.

Even though the front of the Angels uniform will look like a billboard. And even though the Angels are "tagging" every building in Los Angeles with their new name. Dodger fans know who belongs to Los Angeles. Let's just hope these two do not meet in the World Series!

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