Heavy Hitter Has Glove For Any Occasion

<b>VERO BEACH, Florida</b>-- If Brian Myrow needs an extra large equipment bag this spring, it's perfectly understandable. He brought all the gloves he might need.

"I even brought my second baseman's glove just in case," he allows with a laugh. "I don't think I'll be called upon there, though. It looks like the club is well set at that spot."

But Myrow can play second if you need him there. He also plays third and the outfield but his feeling is, "They'll probably use me at first. At least, that's my thinking. When I sit down with Paul (DePodesta) to discuss the Dodgers' plans for me, then I'll get their thinking."

Make no mistake, Myrow's thoughts don't go beyond L.A. at this time. Sure, everybody who comes into camp as a member of the 40-man roster dreams of sticking around. In his case. there might be a bit more urgency in that notion.

That's because he's 28 years old and on a big league roster for the first time. When he finished up at Louisiana Tech in 1999, his name wasn't called in the draft nor were there big league teams around making offers of any kind. But he wanted to continue in the game so he signed with Winnepeg in the independent Northern League.

There were to be almost three years in that Canadian city before organized ball came calling at last. He was hitting .386 when both the Yankees and Athletics vyed for his services. "So, my contract was sold to the Yankees," he muses. "That was the team's decision. I didn't have anything to say about it."

You might think that being with the vaunted Yanks was any young player's dream but Myrow doesn't really view it that way. "The only guys the Yanks seem to bring up are the all-stars. Otherwise, they go out and trade for or sign somebody else. So, I was glad when I got out of there."

He had moved up to AA Columbus by batting over .300 for two seasons in AA ball. He was averaging. 268 in the International League last summer when the Dodgers took him in a deal that sent Tanyon Sturtze to the New York bullpen. Brian then proceeeded to rip the ball at a .359 pace in 50 games for Las Vegas, which prompted his promotion to the parent 40-man roster.

Now, he hopes his versatility plus that lively bat can earn him a roster spot come tthe season. Ask about a return to Las Vegas and he replies, "It isn't something I think about at this time. If it comes to that, I'll deal with it. But I definiotely think I have a shot to make it up and will until told otherwise. I believe DePodesta is interested in me. At least, I hope so."

A .444 on-base percebntage at Vegas. a statistic DePodesta has been known to stress, bolsters his chances. Then, there's that versatility. Myrow definitely has gloves and bat and will travel. It's a journey he plans to take him to L.A.

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