Open Tryout Camp Held at Dodgertown

The annual open tryouts were held on the back diamonds, No. 5 and 6, with most of the Dodger minor league staff and a large number of scouts looking on with interest. Players currently participating in a high school, junior college or four-year college baseball program were not allowed to participate.

Coordinated by East Coach Scouting Director John Barr, Assistant General Manager Roy Smith and Director of Minor League Operations and Field Coordinator Terry Collins.

Most of the Dodgers minor league managers and coaches were in attendance, along with ten former Dodger Major Leaguers, including pitching coordinator Rick Honeycutt, infield coordinator Dave Anderson, baserunning and bunting coordinator Maury Wills, Las Vegas manager Jerry Royster and his coaches Mariano Duncan and Roger McDowell; Jacksonville coaches Steve Yeager and Ken Howell: Vero Beach coach Garey Ingram and Ogden pitching coach Bob Welch.

Those in attendance were checked for their running speed, outfielders threw to third base, infielders took grounders at short and threw to first and home and catchers threw to second.

At the same time the pitchers were working in the bullpen before a full compliment of coaches and speed guns.

After a lunch break, a pair of select teams played a short game as scouts and coaches watched and evaluated. There was no immediate announcement that any player or players were signed to a professional contract.