Score Langill's newest book a triple

<b>VERO BEACH, Florida</b>--Dodgers Publications Director and historian Mark Langill can be credited with a triple following the publication of his third remarkable book of photos, this one entitled "Dodgertown."

His first two photo essays, "Dodger Stadium" and "Los Angeles Dodgers," were very well received and contain many photos seldom seen but extremely interesting, not only to Dodger fans but to any baseball enthusiast.

"Dodgertown" follows the development of the Dodgers spring home in Vero Beach. The former Naval air station was offered the Dodgers in 1948 by then-mayor Bud Holman just at the time club president Branch Rickey was looking for a place to base his Brooklyn major and minor league system after a number of other Florida cities turned them away due to Jackie Robinson's presence on the team

Walter O'Malley, Dodger President after Rickey, and his son Peter developed the site into what is now considered the best spring training facility in Florida if not in baseball.

"I wanted to show people what Dodgertown has meant to a great many people over the last 57 years," Langill said. Dodgertown has meant more than just baseball -- this remarkable place is a link to the Brooklyn Dodgers."

The toughest part of the book was selecting the correct photos from the huge numbers available in the Dodgers' archives, Langill said.

"When you have all these photos available, you feel a real responsibility to the past," he said. "The book tells, in photos, how Dodgertown got to be Dodgertown."

One can only hope Langill adds a fourth book to the series that covers the Brooklyn Dodger dynasty.

The 128-page, 200-photo book is available now at fine books stores everywhere.