Edwards' Hit Win Game, Izturis Lost for Season

OK, you want the good news or the bad news first? The bad news, and the Dodgers have had plenty of that this year, is that Shortstop Cesar Izturis will need reconstructive surgery -- Tommy John -- on his throwing arm and will miss 7-10 months. The good news is the Dodgers rallied for four runs in the eighth and ninth to beat the Giants 9-8, using a three-run home run by Oscar Robles in the ninth and a one-out, bases loaded single by Mike Edwards that drove in the winning run.

LOS ANGLELES, California-- In this remarkable season, the Dodgers seem to keep bouncing back despite the disappointment and injury that has beset them and Wednesday night before an announced crowd of 36,088 at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers trailed 8-6 going to the eighth but Jose Cruz slugged his second homer of the game. Then in the ninth Oscar Robles hit a rare, two run homer to tie the game and Mike Edwards singled to right with the bases loaded to win it. Edwards has lived on an emotional rollercoaster since the final game of the Cub series when he was unable to handle a slow roller off the bat of the Chicago leadoff man. The dribbler went for a hit -- the only hit -- off Derek Lowe in a 7-0 win.

In the opener of the Giants series, he threw a ball into right field on a simple force play at second, allowing the winning run in a 3-1 loss.

But this night the baseball gods smiled on the rookie third baseman and he became one of a list of players who combined to pull the game out of the fire in a contest that reminded many of the Brooklyn-NY Giants games once performed in Ebbets Field or the Polo Grounds.

Jeff Weaver, after allowing two first-inning runs, sailed through the San Francisco order with little trouble, retiring 16 batters in order.

His task was made easier by a four-run explosion in the bottom of the first, keyed by a three-run blast off the bat of Jose Cruz. Jeff Kent also homered in the fifth and Weaver took a 5-2 margin into the seventh.

But in this night of unusual happenings, light-hitting catcher Mike Matheny, who had 51 home runs in 11 seasons previous to joining the Giants, banged a three-run shot to tie things and leadoff man Randy Winn put the Giants up by one on another home run.

Giovanni Carrara ended the inning and was followed by Elmer Dessens, who has given a Cy Young-liked performance for the last couple of months. He looked more like Loretta Young this night, allowing a walk and three hits without retiring a batter.

He left the game having allowed a pair of runs and rookie Franquelis Osoria was seemingly thrown to the lions with runners on first and second and none out. But he got a force play and then a double play stop the bleeding but San Francisco led 8-6 into the bottom of the eighth and the Dodgers haven't often been able to call on the late-inning magic they possessed last year.

However, Cruz brought them back to within one run in the eighth with his 15th homer, his third as a Dodger. Cruz hit his first 14 homers this season left-handed, although he is a natural right-hander. It was the third time a Dodger has homered from both sides of the plate this season, with OF Milton Bradley doing it April 18 and May 13.

After Yhency Brazoban worked around a double in the top of the ninth to work a scoreless inning, the Dodgers mounted their winning rally.

Hee-Seop Choi fanned to start the inning and what was left of the crowd started moving toward their cars in anticipation of another long ride home.

Ricky Ledee hit for Jayson Werth and drew a walk. Then Robles shot a dart into the right-field seats to tie the game with the suddenness of a lightening bolt, returning the fans that hadn't left the park back to their seats.

The Giants didn't want much to do with Jeff Kent, who has smacked his 27th home run in the fifth and they issued him an unintentional-intentional walk.

Olmedo Saenz scuffed a ball back to the San Francisco pitcher Jeremy Accardo and this time the Giants clutched. He threw the ball into center field and allowing the lumbering Saenz to reach first. Cruz wasn't given a chance at a third home run and was intentionally walked to load the bases.

Then justice prevailed and rookie Mike Edwards made up for a couple weeks of sleepless nights with a perfectly fine line drive to right field on a 3-2 pitch, scoring Kent with the winning run. He was 0-for-4 prior to the game-winning hit.

Both San Diego and Arizona won their games so the Dodgers didn't pick up any ground on the league leader in their impossible dream scenario but the feel-good moment temporarily erased the pain of Izturis joining the long list of hospital patients that transformed the Dodgers' roster this season.

The team will have a day off to savor the victory and will rejoin the fight on Friday, hosting league-leader San Diego, needing a sweep to really get back into the race and avoid a sweep if they intend to have something to play for over the final weeks of the season.

Izturis to have surgery-- All-Star shortstop Cesar Izturis will have reconstructive surgery on his right elbow to alleviate an arthritic condition that's developed in the lateral compartment of the elbow -- Tommy John surgery. Team physician Dr Frank Jobe said he and Dr. Ralph Gambardella will transplant a tendon from Izturis' left wrist to form a new and tight ligament in the right elbow, alleviating pressure from the relatively small area on the outside of the elbow that is suffering from osteochondrosis (OCD) -- essentially an arthritic deterioration of the cartilage caused by the loss of blood supply. Jobe estimated that Izturis could begin tossing in three to four months, increase to hard throwing at the seven-month mark and be game-ready without restrictions after 10 months. Jobe said Izturis' troubles actually began when Izturis injured the elbow as a 13-year-old. Izturis managed to deal with the discomfort over the years, but as the pain has increased recently, his ability to throw the ball has been affected. Izturis has been on the disabled list since Aug. 23 with a sprained lower back. He was available to come off the DL, but that return was pushed back because of continued back pain and the discomfort he was experiencing in the elbow after some recent throwing and fielding workouts. An MRI on Tuesday revealed how serious that elbow pain really was. Jobe is hopeful that a successful operation will tighten up the medial - or the inside - of Izturis' elbow, thus lessening the pressure on the outer part of the elbow.

Dodger Blue Notes-- The Dodgers have now lost two starters for the rest of the season due to injury over the past two weeks - Izturis follows Milton Bradley, who underwent successful season-ending knee surgery Wednesday in Cincinnati. Eric Gagne is out for the season with an elbow injury and outfielder J.D. Drew has been on the disabled list since July 4 with a broken left wrist. The Dodgers have accumulated 983 DL games, and nine players are currently on the disabled list.