How the Top 12 Dodger Minor Leaguers Fared

One thing for sure about ratings lists -- they are not immutable. Nobody came down from a mountain top with one cast in stone. As for those of minor leaguers, they are in a constant state of flux as players move up, down, off and on.

Having pronounced that bit of a truism, let's take a look at how those in the Dodger system who topped the list entering 2005 fared during the year.

1- Chad Billingsley, rhp, (13-6, 3.51 with Jacksonville.) He did a a great deal to enhance his status including seven no-hit innings in the opening game of the playoffs. Had 162 strikeouts in 146 innings.

2- Joel Guzman,ss. (287-16-75 with Jacksonville.) Was a Southern League All-Star as for the first time he stayed with one club the entire year. Will he stay at short? That question is still unanswered.

3- Edwin Jackson, rhp. (3-7, 8.62 at Las Vegas, 6-4, 3.45 at Jacksonville, 1-2, 9.37 at Los Angeles.) Did much better after being dropped back to Jacksonville. How he fares this last month in L.A. will probably determine his future as a Dodger.

4- James Loney, 1b. (284-11-65 at Jacksonville). A very solid season in all. Excellent fielder at first. The power seems to be starting to come.

5- Delwyn Young, 2b. (296-16-62 at Jacksonville, .325- 4-14 at Las Vegas.) D. Y. keeps climbing and keeps on hitting.

6- Greg Miller, lhp. (0-0 2.25 in Gulf Coast, 1-0, 0.93 with Vero Beach, 0-0, 2.77 with Jacksonville.) Came back after missing over a year and threw the ball exceptionally for the most part.

7- Jonathan Broxton, rhp. (5-3,3.17 at Jacksonville, 0-0, 7.04 at L.A.) His switch to the bullpen marks him as the Dodgers futture closer with his 100 mph heat.

8- Andy LaRoche, 3b. (333-21-51-51at Vero Beach, .273-9-43 at Jacksonville.) That 30-home run total displays his power potential.

9- Chuck Tiffany, lhp. (11-7, 3.93 at Vero Beach.) Had a rough spell in the middle after some back surgery but threw 10 straight no-hit innings at the end. Opponents hit only .226 against him.

10- Blake DeWitt, 3b. (283-11-66 at Columbus, .419-1-7 at Vero Beach.) Starting to groove a sweet left-handed swing.

11- Scott Elbert, lhp, (8-5, 2.66 at Columbus.) Really gpt with it in the second half. Still walks too many but has great moving stuff.

12- Russell Martin, c. ( 311-9-61 at Jacksonville.) Russell does it all -- catch, throw and hit.