Drop Two, Add Seven to Instructional Roster

Although two players have been dropped from the list of those who are participating in the annual Instructional League, the Dodgers have added seven more making it a contingent of 52 in all that will participate in the program for which practice has begun at Dodgertown.

With such a large number on hand the squad has been divided into two teams which will play daily beginning Friday with one of those at home and one on the road each day, facing the Cardinals and Mets, the only other organizations in the area that are holding similar programs.

Pitchers Luis Gonzalez and Ramon Paredes, who were on the original squad, are not on the revised list but pitchers Brian Akin, Blake Johnson, David Pfieffer, and Miguel Sanfler along with catcher Carlos Medero, infielders Shane Justis and Juan Rivera and outfielder Ryan Rogowski have been added. Rogowski is a newly signed free agent.

Along with those there are 12 players going through rehabilitation in camp and some of those may get into action if they have progressed sufficiently. That group consists of two position players -- third baseman Brian Sprout and catcher Tony Harper with the rest all pitchers. Two of those -- Ryan Ketchner and Derek Thompson -- are on the Dodger 40- man roster. Others are Jesus Castillo, Jonathan Figueroa, James Gilbert, Javy Guerra, Paredes, Heath Totten, Jhonny Caraballo, and Sebastian Pena.

Caraballo and Pena are over from the Dominican camp while Gilbert was signed in June as a draft-and-follow and has yet to see professional action.

Games begin on Friday and will continue through Oct. 23.