Dodgers Adding Stadium improvements

The Dodgers today announced plans for the second phase of their multi-year plan for ongoing improvements at Dodger Stadium. The multi-million dollar off-season construction project will include replacing the physical seats within the primary seating bowl utilizing the stadium's original color palette; repairing and conducting maintenance on the concrete and structure within the seating bowl area; and introducing a traditional yet modern "box" seat concept within the baseline seating area.

"Over the past several years, the more than 30-year-old seats at Dodger Stadium have begun to show their age. Reseating the stadium became our priority this off-season because we increasingly were concerned with this issue and wanted to be responsive to our fans' needs," said Dodger Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Marty Greenspun. "Owner Frank McCourt made a commitment for the Dodgers to play at Dodger Stadium for the next 25 years, and our goal is to make the stadium the most fan-friendly venue in all of sports."

The last seat replacement at Dodger Stadium took place over two off-seasons during the mid-1970s, when the club made the transition from wooden to plastic seats. Since that time, seat replacements and repairs have been done as needed.

The color scheme at the stadium has progressively changed throughout its history as a result of various enhancements and improvement projects since its opening in 1962. The 2006 seat replacement project will include a return to the original color scheme, in an effort to restore Dodger Stadium's traditional aesthetic. The reincorporation of the original muted pastels will be emblematic of the stadium's original Mid-Century Modern architecture.

An additional aspect of the off-season construction will be improving the sightlines within the existing baseline seating sections. The club plans to introduce a "box" concept in these sections, which is a modern interpretation of a traditional ballpark element - box seating. The Dodger Stadium version will include boxes of four to eight seats enhanced by an integrated table amenity. This will also involve the removal of several rows, and roughly 500 seats from these sections creating additional legroom.

"One of the guiding principles of our ongoing improvements is to introduce modern amenities to our fans, enhancing the fan experience," said Greenspun. "At the same time, we also are mindful of preserving the tradition and history of the original Dodger Stadium design. We are excited about our plans to both modernize and restore within the same project."

The Dodgers will be making a limited number of authenticated Dodger Stadium seats available to fans for purchase. Seats will be sold for $250 per pair for general seating (fans choose which color) or $500 per pair for LA logo baseline seating. Dodger season ticket holders receive a discount of $50-$100 depending on the seat purchased. Purchase includes all the necessary mounting hardware and easy instructions for assembly. Net proceeds from the stadium seats sale will benefit the Dodgers Dream Foundation, which provides educational, athletic and recreational opportunities for the youth of the Greater Los Angeles community. To learn more details about the online seat sale, and to place an order, fans can visit

Construction at the stadium will be completed prior to the Dodgers' opening of the 2006 season.