Dodgertown Damage Slight From Hurricane Wilma

In contrast to last year's path of destruction caused by two hurricanes, Dodgertown suffered little damage from Hurricane Wilma which hit the area Monday. The foul poles which were newly erected after 2004's Frances and Jeanne thoroughly trashed Holman Stadium are down again while some trees around the premises also were toppled. In addition, a sign greeting visitors at the entrance was blown down.

The rest of Dodgertown's sprawling complex suffered little or no damage with all the fields getting through the storm in good shape. This is in contrast to last year's wreckage which saw the light towers and scoreboards knocked down at Holman where the roof of the press box was completely torn off. Then, the fields were completely flooded and had to be resodded with the roofs of the villas which house players and visitors being badly damaged.

Those hurricanes had hit the area head-on from the Atlantic Ocean while Wilma had followed an entirely different path, coming in from the Gulf of Mexico and passing across the peninsula before moving into Vero Beach where Dodgertown is located.

However, it was stronger than first anticipated, particularly the backside which picked up steam as the front passed into the Atlantic, pulling considerable moisture back in a counter-clockwise movement to drop some six inches of rain in a matter of a few hours. Winds were estimated at 70 mph with gusts up to 90 mph.

Severe power outages occurred but were repaired relatively quickly compared to 2004. This time Dodgertown had its power back on Wednesday. Last year it took 11 days to restore service. And repair crews were quickly able to get around town with most of the damaged material removed and cleanups already beginning.