Bradley for Hideki Matsui?

The New York Post reports that the Yankees are mulling a trade with the Dodgers, something on the order of Hideki Matsui for Milton Bradley. If Matsui isn't signed by midnight Nov. 15, the Yankees lose him to free agency. Matsui, 31, recently completed a three-year deal worth $21 million -- a bargain considering he batted .297 with 70 homers and 330 RBI during the life of the deal.

The Post speculated Matsui could be looking for a four-year contract in the $10 million per year range. "If Matsui gets away from the Yankees, the Dodgers will be among several clubs looking to sign him . Will Matsui leave? Doubtful. But who really believed Andy Pettitte was going?" the Post said.

Yankee GM Brian Cashman is reportedly researching the troubled Bradley, even if the Dodgers don't have a GM. Assistant GM Kim Ng, Cashman's former assistant, are representing the Dodgers at the meetings.

The Dodgers are looking to deal Bradley, a talented 27-year-old switch-hitting center fielder, whose temper has led to major problems in Cleveland and L.A. If they can't trade Bradley, they aren't expected to tender him a contract by Dec. 20.

That would make him a free agent, but if the Yankees are interested, it would be easier to acquire Bradley via trade, since the Dodgers aren't looking for much. Despite his background, there would be a long list of teams interested in Bradley as a free agent.

Rumors, Take 2-- The Red Sox may not be interested in signing 1B Kevin Millar in 2006. The Dodgers -- along with other clubs -- are apparently interested in him, although at a reduced rate from his current $3.5 million per year salary. Millar will be 34 next season and has a lifetime average of .289 but his home run totals have gone 14-20-16-25-18-9 over the last six years.

Dodgers to cut Dominican presence-- Disturbingly, in what can only be considered a cost-cutting move, the Dodgers will lease out half of their Campo Las Palma training base in the Dominican, which includes fields, offices and living quarters, to another team. After years of fielding two teams in the Dominican Summer League, the Dodgers cut back to one the past season. The camp has provided many of the best and brightest prospects over a number of past seasons and obviously, this will cut their stream of talent from the DR in half. The foolish move makes one think of Marge Schott, one-time owner of the Cincinnati Reds, who when cutting the number of her scouts, said, "We don't need so many of them, all they do is sit around and watch baseball games all summer."

Rookie of the Year Award-- While the Dodgers had a large number of rookies playing almost constantly during the 2005 season, none of them even rated a single vote in the annual Rookie of the Year voting. The Phillies Ryan Howard won with 109 points' Willy Taveras of Houston was second (78) and Jeff Francoeur of Atlanta third (60). Garrett Atkins and Jeff Francis (Colorado); Zach Duke, (Pittsburgh); Rickie Weeks, (Milwaukee) and Jason Vargas (Florida) were the others receiving votes.

Dodger Blue Notes-- On the General Manager front, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt spoke with former Rangers GM John Hart again recently about the team's vacant GM position and will probably contact Theo Epstein(ex-Boston) before making a final decision. …Baltimore named Rick Dempsey bullpen coach. …Pete Rose Jr., the son of the legendary baseball star and a former Dodger minor league player, is facing drug trafficking charges. A federal law enforcement official said negotiations between Rose and the Drug Enforcement Administration led to Rose agreeing to turn himself in and plead guilty to charges in a federal indictment. DEA officials said Rose could be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison for his alleged role in a conspiracy to distribute gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) to minor league professional players. GHB is described as a potent drug that has been used as a sleep aid, sexual stimulant and steroid alternative. The DEA said GHB is widely abused as a recreational drug, given its ability to intoxicate or cause a trance-like state when consumed in larger doses. A federal indictment said Rose confessed to receiving GBL from an individual in Tennessee while a member of the Lookouts. The court papers also said he admitted to supplying half of the players on that team with the drug.