Ryan Carter -- Prospect No. 51

Fourth in a series on top Dodger prospects as we count down to the very best.

Position- Outfield
Residence- Fort Myers, Fla.
DOB- Jan. 3, 1983
Ht.- 6-2
05 Club- Columbus (Low A)

After being sidelined for a year after elbow surgery, then existing in the extended camp for over three months while awaiting assignment, Carter made the most of his opportunity at Columbus, which he didn't join until mid-June.

He hit .281-14-44 with that power display the most impressive, being delivered in 60 games. Along with the pop, he has excellent speed, finishing second in the 40-yard dash in the Instructional camp derby.

He hit .313 at Ogden in 2003 before being hurt so can deliver often as well. His arm seems recovered enough that he can play right.

He's always hit from an exaggerated crouch and an experiment in getting him more upright to provide even more juice to his bat s take.

At the end of the fall camp, he had settled into a position that was a compromise between the two and seemed more comfortable.

A move up to Vero Beach in 2006 seems logical. That would please him for it's his wife's hometown and he has a lot of supporters there.

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