Julio Pimentel -- Prospect #45

Tenth in a series on the top Dodger prospects as we count down to the very best.

Position- Starting Pitcher
Residence- LaRomana, D.R.
DOB- Dec 14, 1985
Ht.- 6-1
Wt.- 190
05 Club- Vero Beach (High A)

Pimentel almost didn't make this list; in truth, it's doubtful that he would have except that Luis Gonzalez and Mike Megrew, both rated above him, were drafted away in Thursday's Rule 5 doings.

And that's a real comedown from last year when he definitely seemed to be one of the real comers in the organization.

In 2005, however, after performing well for most of the first half of the season, he spent the latter stages on definite regression. He would have a couple of good innings, then get into trouble and he seemed totally unable to work out of it,

It only got worse as the season wore on until he finally was removed from the Vero Beach rotation and wound up 8-10, 5.08. The opposition treated him cruelly, hitting .305 against him.

This was a complete turnaround from the Pimentel of 2004 who leaped from the Dominican League to Columbus where he was 10-8, 3.48.

When right, he has a fast ball in the low 90's and an excellent changeup. Then he seemed like a fast learner as well. As noted all, that seemed to dissipate late in 2005. It seemed at times, that he had arm problems, though none were reported.

He'll turn 20 next week so perhaps his youth was part of the problem. In any case, he'll have to turn it back around in 2006, probably at Vero again, or drop into the ranks of the forgotten.

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