'Twas the Month Before Christmas

'Twas the month before Christmas, and all through L.A. "Another tough season" you heard people say. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, But most felt Christmas morning there'd be nothing there.

The fans were still grumbling as they headed to bed,
while last season's nightmares still whirled in their head.
They turned on Sports Nightly as they tried to unwind,
hoping some football would settle their mind.

When on the TV there appeared a young Brave,
They all jumped from their bed as they saw Furcal waive.
Away to the cell phones they flew like a bird,
"The Dodgers signed Raffy!" they quick passed the word.

The moon on the breast of the country below
gave the luster of midday to objects below,
when, what to their wondering eyes they should see,
but Neddy Colletti in his new SUV.

With the McCourts riding shotgun, so lively and quick,
The fans thought at the moment "We don't need St. Nick."
More rapid than eagles, like coursers they came,
and whistled and shouted and called them by name:

"Now Mueller! Now Nomar!
Now, Tomko! Now Lofton!
On, Grady! On Furcal!
We ought to score often.

With Kent and J.D
And Derek and Penny,
We've plugged holes in the lineup
Where we used to have many.

As dry hopes that before the wild hurricane fly,
when they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky
so up to the house-top the pair of them flew,
with the trunk full of players, and more to come too.

And then, in a twinkling, with a sound like a choir,
came the squealing and crunching of each Michelin tire.
As fans -- all giddy -- continued to dial,
down the chimney slid Jamie and Frank with a smile.

They were dressed all in fur, from their head to their toe,
('cause they once lived in Boston and it's cold there you know).
The roster of players they spread all around,
while the fans in their wonder made not a sound.

The McCourts hopped into their truck with a very wide grin,
and were heard to remark, "That bunch ought to win."
The fans heard them exclaim, "We sure got our kicks,
"Happy Christmas to all, and greater '06.!"

Happy Hollidays We would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chaunakka and a great New Year.

Things will be quiet around Chavez Ravine for a day or so but we will keep you posted as soon as the action resumes.
Tot, Bill and Ray