OF Scott Van Slyke -- Prospect #35

Latest in a series on top Dodger prospects as we count down to the very best.

Position- Outfield
Residence- St. Louis, Mo.
DOB- July 24, 1986
Ht.- 6-5
05 Club- Gulf Coast Dodgers (Rookie)

Going into the 2005 draft most clubs believed that Van Slyke wasn't quite ready for pro ball and that he would accept the scholarship he had from the University of Mississippi to play for them.

Thus he slipped down to the 14th round where the Dodgers took a chance on him. Like the others, they felt his inclination to Ole Miss was strong and that physically he just wasn't ready.

However, they also felt that three years playing for Ole Miss could well propel him into a first or second-rounder and they probably wouldn't get a shot at him again so they came up with the offer that turned him away from college and into a pro.

The feeling now is that they well have gotten more than they had hoped for.

His figures in the Gulf Coast League indicated his ready adaption to the pro game, posting a .282-2-15.
In his breakout performance he had two, one-run homers, just missing a third with a double off the top of the fence and seven RBI -- showed how much potential is there.

For Van Slyke is all about what's to come.

He has more room on his 6-5 frame for muscle. What's more, he's very athletic , having starred in both football and basketball in high school.
He was named the Missouri High School Player of the Year so he has some credentials in addition to the fact that his father Andy was an All-Star outfielder in his day (and will now be a coach for the Tigers.)

During that first year he worked on shortening his stroke and opening his front side more to generate more bat speed. In the field, his arm is above average.

He also has the knowledge that he's gained by being around the game all his life. In all, he looks like one that in a couple of years could well become an exciting player.

He'll probably spend 2006 in Ogden.

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