Sutherland Leads Short Season in Runs Created

David Sutherland was the Short Season teams leader with 83 run runs created. Two teammates, outfielder Russell Mitchell (78) and shortstop Jesus Soto (71) finished second and third on the charts.

Second baseman Yovanny Rosario rolled up 69 runs created to top the Dominican Summer League entry . Teammate Alexis Marte was fifth overall.

Rounding out the top 10 were outfielder B.J. Richmond of Ogden (66), first baseman Eduardo Perez (63) with the GC Dodgers, Raptor outfielder Adam Godwin (61), shortstop Ivan DeJesus, who played for both the GC Dodgers and Ogden (55) and catcher Elian Herrera was 10th with 53 RC, playing in the Dominican.

Runs created are an estimate of the number of team runs that would result from a player's offensive statistics using at bats, hits, total bases and walks.

The top 20:
RC -- Player, tm

83 -- David Sutherland 1b, Og
78 -- Russell Mitchell of, Og
71 -- Jesus Soto ss, Og
69 -- Yovanny Rosario, DSL
67 -- Alexis Marte, DSL

66 -- B.J. Richmond of, Og
63 -- Eduardo Perez 1b, GCL
61 -- Adam Godwin of, Og
55 -- Ivan DeJesus ss, GC/Og
53 -- Elian Herrera, DSL

51 -- Jayson Mooneyham 1b, Og
50 -- Josh Bell inf, GCL
46 -- Andrew Locke of, Og
46 -- Johan Garcia, DSL
44 -- Juan Apodaca c, Og

43 -- Juan Rivera ss, Og
39 -- Trayvon Robinson of, GC/Og
38 -- Keytel Collado , DSL
34 -- Adolfo Gonzalez inf, GCL
33 -- Kenley Jansen c, CG/O

By team (25+ RC)
RC -- Ogden

83 -- David Sutherland 1b
78 -- Russell Mitchell of
71 -- Jesus Soto ss
66 -- B.J. Richmond of
61 -- Adam Godwin of
51 -- Jayson Mooneyham 1b
46 -- Andrew Locke of
44 -- Juan Apodaca c
43 -- Juan Rivera ss
30 -- Shane Justis ss

RC -- Gulf Coast
63 -- Eduardo Perez 1b
50 -- Josh Bell inf
40 -- Ivan DeJesus ss
34 -- Adolfo Gonzalez inf
34 -- Trayvon Robinson of
32 -- Eloy Gutierrez of
31 -- Carlos M-Stultz c
31 -- Kenley Jansen c
28 -- Jesus Mora of
25 -- Jeremy Brown of

RC -- Dominican
69 -- Yovanny Rosario 2b
67 -- Alexis Marte
53 -- Elian Herrera c
44 -- Johan Garcia
38 -- Keytel Collado c
30 -- Amaury Guzman of
29 -- Joe Sanchez c
27 -- Vladimir Carela inf
26 -- Jose Tejada of

Carrara signs with Pirates-- Former Dodgers relief pitcher Giovanni Carrara has signed a minor league contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He adds another familiar face in Jim Tracy's camp. Carrara, an eight-year veteran, was 7-4 with a 3.93 earned run average and 56 strikeouts in 76 2-3 innings last season. Carrara was removed from the Dodgers' roster in October and assigned outright to AAA Las Vegas. Carrara, who will be 38 in March, is 29-17 with a 4.70 ERA in 288 games with five major league clubs. He was 24-10 in four seasons with the Dodgers.

Dodger Blue Notes-- The Dodgers and Padres have put together a package of prospects for the Red Sox in an attempt to pickup lefthander David Wells. The pitcher, a San Diego product, has expressed a desire to conclude his career in Southern California. But the Dodgers' package of pitching prospects could make them the favorites in the Wells derby. The 41-year-old Wells was 15-7 with a 4.45 ERA for the Red Sox last season. He was 12-8 in 31 starts for the Padres in 2004. Before signing as a free agent with the Red Sox last winter. …Dodger owner Frank McCourt is interested in building a football stadium for an NFL team on the Dodger Stadium parking lot, according to NFL spokesman Greg Aiello in a Boston Herald story by Scott Van Voorhis. However, the report goes on to say that the NFL is focused on bids by the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and by Anaheim. In a statement, McCourt indicated that for now, Dodger Stadium is off the table as a football venue. "While we understand that Dodger Stadium is an attractive site, so long as the (Los Angeles) Coliseum is a viable site (for the NFL), Dodger Stadium should not be considered as a competing venue." He has incurred the wrath of those who favored the Coliseum and should have called former Dodger Peter O'Malley who, upon request by Los Angeles officials, spend $1 million of his own money before Mayor Richard Riordan called him back and said, "My bad, we should support the Coliseum." …John Weisman, on his website "Dodger Thoughts", had this comment about the Brett Tomko signing. "Tomko is a below-average pitcher, with two seasons of above-average, park-adjusted ERA out of nine in his career, and two seasons even within shouting distance of average in his past five ... I'm not convinced that Tomko is exceptionally suited for Dodger Stadium, based on the sub-100 inning sample size available. Given that Dodger Stadium favors pitchers in general, the probability remains that more often than not when Tomko pitches, the opposing pitcher will be better. More often than not, if Tomko wins, it will be because the Dodger offense was better than the opposing offense. But don't be fooled -- Tomko was less expensive than Derek Lowe or Odalis Perez or Jeff Weaver because he's just not as good. He might be the best the Dodgers can do right now, and you can evaluate the signing on those merits. But Tomko has not, in the sincere sense, filled a slot in the Dodger starting rotation."