Dodger Staff to Have Different Look

With the acquisition of Jae Seo from the NY Mets and Brett Tomko, former SF Giant, the Dodgers have effectively overcome the loss of their top winner, Jeff Weaver, by free agency. GM Ned Colletti stated he wanted to add another starter but has given no indication of just who he is looking at.

Weaver, who had an 14-11 won-lost record and was 19-15 during his starts, declined to re-sign, asking for a three year contract at an estimated $10 million. Weaver recorded a team-leading 13 win shares and had a Value over Replacement Player (VORP) of 28.4, second only to Brad Penny's 31.2.

Value over Replacement Player is a mathematical equation to determine the value of a player over an average player at the same position.

Weaver also led the team with 7.6 strikeouts per nine innings, 1.4 walks per nine and allowed only 8.4 hits per nine.

Seo recorded a 30.2 VORP and had nine win shares for the Mets while pitching about half the season. He allowed only 10.0 baserunners per nine innings, just over Weaver's mark of 9.8. He equalled Weaver's hits per nine and topped all of the Dodgers 2005 starters -- save Weaver -- with 5.9 strikeouts per nine innings.

Derek Lowe had a 25.9 VORP, third on the Dodger staff in '05 and had 11 win shares to rank second.

Brett Tomko had a 19.6 VORP rating and eight win shares despite an ugly 8-15 won-lost record in San Francisco.

While the starting staff is manned by veterans, the bullpen will be in the hands of a batch of young, but talented, kids.

Gone are rubber-armed Duaner Sanchez, Elmer Dessens, Gio Carrara, and Wilson Alvarez, the nucleus of Jim Tracy's '05 pen. Also missing will be Scott Erickson, Buddy Carlyle and Steve Schmoll.

Yhency Brazoban, who had a superb season in the Dominican Winter League, will anchor the pen with Eric Gagne, returning for perhaps his final season in Dodger Blue.

Gagne, who will be a free agent in 2007 and who has Scott Boras as his agent (need I say more?), will be the lynch-pin of the entire relief staff. Before his season-ending injury, he allowed only 6.5 hits, 8.3 baserunners and fanned 13.5 per nine innings.

If he returns to pre-injury speed, the implementation of Jon Broxton, Hong-Chih Kuo and Frankelis Osoria will not be so traumatic. In limited use, Broxton fanned 13.2 per nine innings and Kuo punched out batters at a rate of 15 per nine.

A combination of Kelly Wunsch, D.J. Houlton and Edwin Jackson could be added to the mix if necessary, although the plan at the present time is for Jackson to start at AAA.

The 2005 staff and recent additions:
Pitcher    vorp   ws   h/9   bb/9  br/9  so/9
Penny       31.2  10   9.7   2.0   11.7   5.4
*Seo        30.2   9   8.4   1.6   10.0   5.9
(Weaver     28.4  13   8.4   1.4    9.8   7.6
Lowe        25.2  11   8.8   1.9   10.7   5.2
**Tomko     19.6   8   9.6   2.3   11.9   5.0
(Sanchez    14.1   6   8.2   3.8   12.0   7.0
(Carrara    11.3   6   7.8   4.4   12.2   5.9
(Dessens    10.5   3   8.7   2.4   11.1   4.4
Perez       08.6   3   8.9   2.1   11.0   5.4
Gagne       04.2   2   6.5   1.8    8.3  13.5
Thompson    04.2   1   9.1   4.8   13.9   5.7
Osoria      04.1   1   8.5   1.8   10.3   4.0
Wunsch      02.5   1   7.6   5.3   12.9   5.6
Houlton     01.0   2   9.6   3.5   13.1   5.6
(Carlyle    -4.4   0   9.0   2.2   11.2   7.3
Jackson     -4.2   0  10.1   5.2   15.3   3.5
(Erickson   -2.7   0   9.0   4.0   13.0   2.0
Broxton     -2.6   0   9.2   8.0   17.0  13.2
Brazoban    -1.6   2   8.1   3.8   11.9   6.7
Kuo         -0.7   0   7.5   9.0   16.5  15.0
(Schmoll    -0.5   1   9.1   4.2   13.3   4.9
(Alvarez    -0.2   0  10.1   2.3   12.4   5.2
(not with team. 
VORP=value over replacement player. 
WS=win shares. h/9=hits per 9 innings. 
bb/9=walks per 9 innings. 
BR/9=baserunners per 9 innings. 
SO/9=strikeout per 9 innings.   

*NY Mets **SF Giants 

Jarin Re-Signed-- The Dodgers announced that they have extended the contract of Hall of Fame broadcaster Jaime Jarrin through 2011. Jarrin, among the most recognizable voices in Hispanic broadcasting, will begin his 48th season in the radio booth as "the Spanish Voice of the Dodgers." He became the club's No. 1 Spanish-language broadcaster in 1973, 14 years after he first joined the club. The native of Ecuador was honored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame on July 26, 1998 in Cooperstown, NY as the recipient of the Ford C. Frick Award. With that honor, he became only the second Spanish-language announcer to be honored by the Hall of Fame, joining Buck Canal. The Dodgers, with Jarrin and longtime English-language broadcaster Vin Scully, are the only Major League club to feature a pair of Hall of Fame announcers.

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Dodger Blue Notes-- Of the 100 players who filed for salary arbitration Friday, none of them were Dodgers. …Former Dodger minor league pitcher agreed to a contract with the Winnipeg Golden Eyes. …The Dodgers might look into the acquisition of LHP Jason Navarro simply because of the stir it would generated when the battery was announced in Dodger Stadium: Navarro and Navarro. …Los Angeles named Joe Jareck assistant director of public relations and Jorge Martin director of publications.