OF Andre Ethier -- Prospect #14

Latest in a series on the top Dodger prospects as we count down to the very best.

Position- Outfield
Residence- Phoenix, Ariz.
DOB- April 10, 1982
Ht- 6-3
B/T- L/L
05 Club- Midland (AA)

Ethier is the player obtained from the A's in the deal in which the Dodgers dispatched the troubled Milton Bradley. Scouts feel he has major league ability although they are somewhat divided about how far that can carry him with some believing he'll be a regular, others saying he'll wind up as a fourth man when he does arrive. The Dodgers belong to the former group.

He's certainly been impressive ever since he was drafted by Oakland out of Arizona State in the second round in 2003. Last year was his best yet as he won Texas League Player of the Year honors by going .319-18-80. His swing is tailored, getting to the ball quickly and he takes advantage of all fields.

Before 2004 he wasn't a power hitter but he's getting better at driving the ball deep as he progresses, always a good sign. He's certainly no threat on the basepaths, having stolen only one in five tries last year.

Along the way, he's overcome adversity, one physical, another, emotional. He had lower back problems which he worked hard to surmount. He also was regarded as temperamental in college but now is a model player, one who was voted the Most Inspirational in the Arizona Fall League in 2005.

He has an adequate arm but that lack of speed means he'll be a corner outfielder. Chances are the Dodgers will station him in left.

They aren't looking for him to make the team out of spring training; rather, they want him to go to Las Vegas and come up some time later in the season.

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