Hershiser Resigns From Rangers' Front Office

Orel Hershiser's tenure with the Rangers organization has come to a quiet end, according to Evan Grant, writing in The Dallas Morning News and Bill Shelley, LADugout.com minor league expert will be on the disabled list for a time following surgery.

Hershiser, who resigned as pitching coach in November, has left his post as executive director on the Rangers' business side after less than two months, two club sources said.

Hershiser has talked to ESPN about being an analyst on Baseball Tonight. Hershiser spent the past 3 1/2 seasons as the Rangers pitching coach before taking a job in the front office as an executive assistant to club president Jeff Cogen.

Rangers president Jeff Cogen declined to comment. Hershiser, who worked as an ESPN analyst in 2001 before joining the Rangers, had served as pitching coach since June 2002.

The Rangers had a 5.08 ERA with Hershiser as pitching coach, 13th of 14 teams in the American League. He interviewed with the Dodgers about the manager and general manager openings last fall.

Shelley on DL LADugout.com minor league guru Bill Shelley underwent surgery Thursday in Vero Beach and will be on the disabled list for some time. Dodger news is slow at the present time and, along with Ray LeRoux, we will keep you informed about past, present and future Dodgers information until he returns. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Leo Backlash-- We reported the pressure that former Dodger Roger McDowell feels as he moved into the Atlanta pitching coach slot, replacing legend Leo Mazzone. Now we hear a little anti-Mazzone sentiment from Braves' ace Tim Hudson. After saying that McDowell made a strong impression, he continued:

"Everybody knows him as pretty easy going and a practical joker when he was a player," Hudson said. "I think it will be a little more fun in the bullpen area. It's going to be about learning how to pitch and having fun while you're doing it, not so much walking on eggshells down there."

It was the second time in two days that Hudson said something slightly negative about Leo.

Dodger Blue Notes-- The Red Sox invited nonroster players C Ken Huckaby, INF Trent Durrington and OF Luke Allen to Spring Training and Cincinnati signed RHP Rick White.