RHP Justin Orenduff, Prospect #11

Latest in a series on the top Dodger prospects as we count down to the very best.

Position- Starting Pitcher
Residence- Chesapeake, Va.
DOB- May 27, 1983
B/T- R/R
05 Clubs- Vero Beach (High A), Jacksonville (AA)

Chosen as a first round supplemental pick in 2004, Orenduff was handled gingerly because of the number of innings he had piled up for Virginia Commonwealth. The results at Ogden were inauspicious (2-3, 4.74) but he showed the arm that had made him a starter on Team USA so the Dodgers were undeterred.

He began fulfilling their hopes in 2005. Jumped to Vero Beach, he became that team's most reliable starter, reeling off a succession of impressive performances.

He went 5-3, 2.24 to be named to the Florida State's All-Star game but instead was moved up to Jacksonville. There he settled into the rotation where, for the most part, he continued to demonstrate the stuff of a strong prospect (5-2, 4.07)

His fast ball resides in the low 90's and has a good sink to it . He keeps it low so is much more of a groundball than a strikeout pitcher.

He throws a formidable 82-84 slider with good bite which he often uses as an out pitch and a changeup which is not always a plus pitch though it seems to be getting there.

He likes to change speeds, keep the batters off-balance and has a nice, easy motion. In all he looks like someone who could become a middle of the rotation starter in the big leagues.

He'll attend the Dodger spring camp as a non-roster invitee and could either start the year at Las Vegas or move up there sometime during the season.

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