Dodgers No Series Wins in Year Ending in '6'

It's now 2006, the baseball season is upon us, and the Dodgers are rearmed after a dismal 2005 season. So how have the Dodgers done over the last century in years ending in a "6"? They have NEVER won a World Series - but they have got to the Series three times and finished second another three times.

The 'sixes' havaen't been kind to the Dodgers. The complete record:
Year  record finish
1896  57-73  tied ninth place
1906  66-86  fifth place, 49 1/2 back
1916  94-60  won pennant, lost to Red Sox
1926  71-82  sixth place
1936  67-87  seventh place
1946  96-60  tied for pennant, lost playoff
1956  93-61  won pennant, lost to Yankees
1966  95-67  won pennant, lost to Orioles
1976  92-70  second place
1986  73-89  fifth place
1996  90-72  second place
The 1916 team, managed by Uncle Wilbert Robinson, was a very good one. The offense was led by 1B Jake Daubert and outfielders Zack Wheat and Casey Stengel. The pitching had Jake Pfeffer 1.92 ERA, Jack Coombs .2.66 ERA, Rube Marquard 1.58 ERA, Larry Cherry 1.92 ERA and Sherry Smith 2.74. Nevertheless, the lost to the Red Sox - the last time the Sox would win the Series for almost a century.

The 1946 team, which finished second, already began to see the introduction of Branch Rickey players who would form the Boys of Summer, notably Pee Wee Reese and Carl Furillo.

In 1956, the Dodgers were the reigning world champs (the only one Brooklyn ever had) but lost again to the Yankees in the World Series. It was an "even numbered year", which meant in those days Roy Campanella was injured and far from his best.

A decade later, the punchless Dodgers rode the magnificent seasons of Sandy Koufax, 27-9, 1.73 ERA, and reliever Phil Regan, 14-1, 1.62, to the Series, but it wasn't enough to stop the Earl Weaver Orioles from winning it all.

In 1976, Tommy Lasorda's second place finishing team had the Garvey-Lopes-Russell-Cey infield. Twenty years later, a brilliant offensive season by catcher Mike Piazza just missed winning the pennant.

Dodger Blue Notes-- Jon Heyman in the Long Island Newsday continues to report the Dodgers may yet sign Benjy Molina to a one year deal. …He also reported that Yankees scouts voted on whether or not to sign Mike Piazza and the vote was 17-3 against. Heyman reported while Yankees manager Joe Torre liked Piazza as a DH, he already had a number of aging players (Sheffield, Williams and Giambi among them) that he would have to rotate in the DH spot. …Heyman also said one of the problems Jeff Weaver is having getting a contract is his "off field behavior"...Dodgers infielder Oscar Robles hit .500 for Mexico while playing short in the Caribbean World Series. …Dave Wallace went from "interim" GM of the Dodgers, a job he could have had permanently merely by saying "yes" to pitching coach of the Red Sox. Orel Hershiser, a candidate for both GM and field manager of the Dodgers this offseason, probably could have had the 2006 Dodgers pitching coach job had he wanted it, but now is in the ESPN broadcast booth. He'll make lots more money than a pitching coach and keep a high profile in the sport.