LHP Greg Miller -- Prospect #10

Latest in a series on the top Dodger prospects as we count down to the very best.

Position- Starting/Relief Pitcher
Residence-Yorba Linda, Cal.
DOB- Nov. 3, 1984
Ht- 6-5
B/T- L/L
05 Clubs- Gulf Coast Dodgers (Rookie), Vero Beach (High A), Jacksonville (AA)

It was supposed to be a layoff of about three months but it was over a year and two operations before Miller was to come back from a shoulder problem.

When he did, he was throwing his curve from a three-quarters slot rather than over-the-top as before in order to ease the strain on the damaged area.

When he finally took the mound, he threw a low 90's fast ball with excellent movement and his curve had solid bite to it.

Although he had a budding slider before the injury, he hasn't utilized it since.

After four games in the Gulf Coast League (0-0, 2.25) he advanced across Dodgertown to Vero Beach, threw as well or even better (1-0, 0.93) in five games so was pushed up to Jacksonville where he again worked with authority although his command wasn't nearly as sharp as before (0-0, 2.77, 15 walks and 17 strikeouts in 13 innings).

While with the Suns, pitching coach Kenny Howell got him to throw all his pitches from the same three-quarters angle.

He was sent to the Arizona Fall League but there got into his old habit of coming from over the top to the point that it irritated his shoulder so was quickly shut down.

After resting, he's gone to Arizona to work out with very satisfying results, throwing easily with no pain felt. He's always been a thinking pitcher who recognizes what he takes to the mound each time and knowing how to out-general hitters, a trait that should aid considerably in his continued rehab.

They'll be properly cautious this spring and probably will confine him to short relief stints.

If he demonstrates that he's healthy once more, there will be an urge to get him back to starting because before his injury there were few in the minors with more promise.

They'll also determine at what level he should begin 2006, either at Jacksonville or Las Vegas.

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