RHP Jonathan Broxton -- Prospect #9

Latest in a series on the top Dodger prospects as we count down to the very best.

Position- Relief Pitcher
Residence-Waynesboro, Ga.
DOB-June 16, 1984
B/T- R/R
05 Clubs- Jacksonville (AA), Los Angeles (National)

There was a major switch in the use of Broxton in 2005 and the result was a giant leap forward on his part. Hitherto he had been a starter but in the middle of the season, it was decided to make a closer of him because there was concern about his stamina.

Always a pitcher who seemed to let it all hang out on every delivery, he soared, taking his fast ball from the mid-90's up to and even over the magic 100 mph mark upon occasion.

His heater also has a good sink to it which makes it even more effective and he has a slider that rides in the upper 80's with a nasty break.

His changeup is routine at best but he can ignore that as a pitcher that sees few batters. He also has the disposition for the job as he is a battler who goes right after every man he faces in a no-nonsense style.

He prospered so well at Jacksonvile that he even earned a chance in L.A. (1-0, 5.93 in 14 games), then was sent back to Jacksonville to aid that team in its successful drive for the Southern League championship. He wound up with five saves. Righthanders hit only .179 against him for the year.

Thinking was that he could become a setup man for the Dodgers with the idea that he would be a worthy successor for Eric Gagne down the line. However, the trade for Danys Baez may have changed that.

Some feel he could even go back to becoming a starter if he's merely an extra man in the bullpen. He will always have to watch his weight and has overcome some tendinitis in the past.

He'll be in contention for a spot on the big club's roster and , if he doesn't make that, will become another on ready alert in Las Vegas where he should be the closer.

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