OF Matt Kemp -- Prospect #6

Latest in a series on the top Dodger prospects as we count down to the very best.

Position- Outfield
Residence- Midwest City, Okla.
DOB- Sept. 23, 1984
Ht- 6-4
B/T- R/R
05 Club- Vero Beach (High A)

Somehwere in the middle of his second season, Kemp stopped thinking he was a basketball player masquerading in a baseball uniform, truly began applying his considerable talents to the game in which he's employed and started his rise.

He's been soaring up and off the charts ever since. In high school his court abilities seemed to imply that was the sport he'd follow but when his grades negated his Division I opportunities, he turned to baseball as a sixth-round Dodger draft choice in 2003.

In 2004 at Columbus, he bgan demonstrating his power at the plate and wound up with 17 home runs. This past season, even though delayed by a wrist injury suffered in spring traning, he simply crushed the ball, sending out 27 to break Adrian Beltre's Vero Beach record. He then went to the Arizona Fall League where his two-homer performance in the championship game gave Scottsdale the title.

Kemp is an agressive all-out hitter who loves any fast ball lurking in his vicinity. He made lengthy strides in pitch recognition as the year progressed though can be fooled by changing speeds. He's more spread-out with a firmer base than before.

Though held back on the bases at the beginning for fear of re-injury, he showed speed when allowed to run, stealing 23 out of 29.

In the field, he reads fly balls well, gets a good jump, has the speed for center and more than enough arm for right. In all, this is a a legitimate five-tool threat with an enormous upside. Invited to spring traning with the big club as a non-roster player, he'll go to AA in 2006.

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