So, How Are They Doing ?

VERO BEACH, Fla.- As the Dodgers move into the final two weeks of spring training here, let's evaluate the roster rookies and non-roster invitees as to how they've fared to date, marking them "up", "down," or "even" since this whole thing began.

Roster Rookies
Willie Aybar, inf.- Won one game with a dramatic home run and has fielded well but hasn't been able to push past Oscar Robles or Ramon Martinez. Even.

Jonathan Broxton, rhp.- His first outing was ugly but things have improved since then. Up.

Jose "Jumbo" Diaz, rhp.- Has had a sore arm and wasn't' t going to get much of a look, anyway. Down.

Andre Ethier, of.- Has displayed a good stroke but hasn't hit all that much despite it. Down.

Joel Guzman, of.- Has been adequate in left since moving to the outfield. His prodigious power possibilities have been evident but so have the holes in his swing. Needs more seasoning. Even.

Tim Hamulack, lhp.- Has looked decent in his efforts without zooming up the charts. Even.

Hong-Chi Kuo, lhp.-Came back from the WBC with an added slider and, even more important, a confidence never previously on display. Will be hard to keep off the staff. Up.

Andy LaRoche, 3b.- Had one huge game. Latent talent is obvious. Not quite ready. Even.

James Loney, 1b.- Has outhit everybody else and you can't find a better first baseman anywhere but there's Nomar so it's Vegas for him. Up.

Russell Martin, c. Has outhit and outperformed Navarro but it's obvious manager Grady Little prefers Dioner's experience- at least, for now, although the latter's hamstring problems could change matters if they linger. Up.

Greg Miller, lhp.- They would have loved to see a sparkling display of the pitcher they know he can be but it didn't happen. Needs to go out and prove he's sound enough. Down.

Franquelis Osoria, rhp.- Just keeps throwing that sinker and getting ground balls. Hasn't given any reason why he isn't ready. Up.

Cody Ross, of.- A pleasant display of power hitting. He'll either make the team or be traded. Up.

Delwyn Young, of.- Like Guzman, an infielder moved to the outfield and has looked quite comfortable there. Has struck out too much, though. Isn't ready yet. Down.

Non-Roster Invitees
Tony Abreu, inf.- Was used out of position at shortstop while Rafael Furcal recovered. Much more adept at second. Not nearly ready for prime time. Even.

Kurt Ainsworth, rhp.- The plan all along was to send him out where he can get innings to show that he can come back from his shoulder problems so didn't get in a game. Even.

Joe Beimel, lhp.- Has shown he has some pitches and poise but hasn't pushed past the lefties in front of him despite that. Up.

Edwin Bellorin, c.- Was only here to help catch the extra pitchers. Displayed his competency back of the plate. Even.

Chad Bilingsley, rhp.- Showed to advantage for the most part. No surprise, there but they want him to go out to get ready. Even.

Pat Borders, c. - At age 42 will act more as a mentor to young catchers and back-up. Even.

Matt Kemp, of.- His five-took possibilities were impressive. Needs more experience, though. Up.

Ramon Martinez, inf.- Demonstrated the steadiness he always has. Even.

Brian Meadows, rhp.- Has the reputation of a dependable reliever but hasn't looked the part. Down.

Tydus Meadows, of.- Hasn't recovered enough from a wrist injury to get a shot. Down.

Justin Orenduff, rhp.- Was here to give the new brass a look at his future possibilities. Did that. Even.

Takashi Saito, rhp.- An unknown coming over from Japan who displayed some quality pitches and excellent approach. Gave plenty of reasons why he could make the staff. Up.

Aaron Sele, rhp.- It would be too much to expect the Sele of old but he showed that he still has enough to help. Up.

Eric Stults, lhp.- Received only a cursory look because he was in and out quickly but made the most of that for possible future use. Up.

Chris Truby, inf.- Victim of the numbers game. Never really had much of a shot so was sent out. Down.

Jon Weber, of.- Another who had no real chance to do make the team. Down.

Kelly Wunsch, lhp.- Really hasn't been that sharp but has that excellent track record against lefties going for him. Down.