Dodgers Have Won 62 of 117 Openers

Opening Day, with all its pomp and curcumstance, has never really been the Dodgers thing. They lost their opening game in the National League 15-9, lost their Ebbets Field opener 1-0, lost to the Giants 8-0 in the first game on the West coast 8-0 and lost their opener in Dodger Stadium 6-3. They have lost four of the last five opening games.

Many veteran fans were hoping for a rainout on Monday and despite the valiant come-from-behind effort, were not surprised when they left 13 on base in the 11-10 loss to Atlanta. It was the first time in franchise history the team scored in double figures on opening day but lost.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are only 26-23 in opening day games (.531), while their record in Brooklyn record was 36-31 (.537) --with one tie -- giving them a 62-54 record in franchise history, a middling .526 winning percentage.

While the Los Angeles and Brooklyn franchises are considered brothers, their tendencies show few family traits on opening day.

In Brooklyn, the club was 26-13 on the road for a spectacular .667 percentage but only 10-18 at home, a dismal .357, in cozy Ebbets Field.

Meanwhile their blood kin in Los Angeles, on the strength of a 14-9 record, has won at a sizzling .609 clip in the Coliseum and Dodger Stadium, while on the road they are only 12-14 or .462 and an overall 26-23 mark (.531).
  The last dozen openers:
year score w-l h-a opponent  pitcher
1994   4-3  W   H  Florida     Hershiser
1995   8-7  W   A  at Florida  Martinez
1996   4-3  W   A  at Houston  Martinez
1997   0-3  L   H  Phil.       Martinez
1998   0-6  L   A  at St. Louis Martinez
1999   8-6  W   H  Arizona     Brown
2000  10-4  W   A  at Montreal Brown
2001   1-0  W   H  Milwaukee   Park
2002   2-9  L   H  SanFran     Brown
2003   8-0  W   A  at Arizona  Nomo
2004   2-8  L   H  San Diego   Nomo
2005   2-4  L   A  @ San Fran  Lowe
2006  10-11 L   H  Atlanta     Lowe