M'lord Duke, Meet Mr. Repko

Obviously, center fielder Jason Repko is no defender of the sovereignty because he showed no respect for the Duke of Pittsburgh's (Zach) title, instead thumping him for a long home run in the first and a booming triple in the second to knock in four runs and set the tone for the afternoon. Odalis Perez was tantalizing into the sixth when he started to wear down but he only allowed a single run while winning his first game of the year.

Perez, unaccustomed to the scoring largess presented him, wove his special magic, never throwing the same pitch twice, never getting the ball above the top of the kneecap and handing out numerous "comfortable" outs to the Pirates, who must have gone back to the dugout muttering, "he hasn't got a thing out there."

The crafty lefthander, who admits he is in the best shape of his career, had the Pirates flailing at the ball like and man trying kill a snake with a yardstick.

Through five innings he had allowed only four hits but when his pitch count reached the 80-mark, he began to tire and allowed his first run of the afternoon, then turned the ball over to Franquelis Osoria for safekeeping.

But Frankie got tagged as did Tim Hamulak and it took Japan's finest, Takashi Saito to preserve order and Yhency Brazoban added an easy inning himself to close things out.

Repko, hitting second, struck like a summer storm, pumping the ball over the wall in the first after Rafael Furcal drew a walk, then booming a triple to centerfield with Perez on base with a walk.

In between, Cody Ross also slugged a triple to center with Olmedo Saenz on base and between them they had manufactured a 5-0 lead after two.

Saenz added a home run in the fifth (and had a single in the third, boosting his average to .417) with Jose Cruz on base, his first of the year as was Repko's and only the second and third dinger the Dodgers have put in the books through seven games. The first homer of the season came in the second game and was struck by JD Drew, who took the afternoon off with a lefthander on the mound.

Jae Seo will make his first start as a Dodger on Tuesday (today) in the second game of the four-game series. With no open date this week, Brett Tomko draws the nod Wednesday and Derek Lowe may start again Thursday on three days' rest.
  Dodgers      ab r h bi ave
Furcal ss       3 2 1 0 .222
Repko cf        5 1 2 4 .370
Cruz lf         5 1 2 0 .300
Kent 2b         4 0 0 0 .300
Saenz 1b        4 2 3 2 .417
 Hamulak p      0 0 0 0 .000
 Saito p        0 0 0 0 .000
 *Mueller ph    1 0 0 0 .375
Ross rf         4 0 2 1 .333
Navarro c       4 0 0 0 .143
Martinez 3b     4 0 1 1 .333
Perez p         2 1 0 0 .000
 Osoria p       0 0 0 0 .000
 Loney 1b       1 0 0 0 .300
   Totals      37 8 11 8
   Pittsburgh  40 3 14 3

  Score by inning
Dodgers    320 020 010-8
Pittsburgh 000 001 200-3

  Errors- Furcal. 2b hits- Furcal (1). 
3b hits- Repko (1) Ross (1). HR- Repko 
(1), Saenz (1). RBI- Repko 4 (7), Ross 
(1), Saenz 2 (6), Martinez (3).  LOB- 
Pittsburgh 13. Dodgers 6.DP- Pittsburgh 
1, Dodgers 1 (Martinez, Kent and Saenz). 
SB-Pittsburgh 1, Ross (1).

  Dodgers      in   h r-er bb so  era
Perez (W,1-0)  6.1  4  1-1  1  3  8.64
Osoria         0.2  3  2-2  0  0 13.50 
Hamulak        0.2  2  0-0  0  1  0.00
Saito          1.1  3  0-0  0  2  0.00
Brazoban       1.0  1  0-0  0  1  2.25
  PB-Pittsburgh. HBP- by Saenz 1. 
T- 2:45. Attendance- 39,129.
Dodger Blue Notes-- Cesar Izturis has suffered a setback while rehabbing his arm and won't start his minor-league rehab assignment as soon as was hoped. But he remains on track to be back in action much sooner than the original ETA. …Manager Grady Little has Danys Baez to close but seems to be having open tryouts for the setup personnel. Brazoban's arm is still not ready for prime time and he gets hot-pack treatments on his arm. Hong-Chih Kuo is being handled with care and Franqueis Osoria has been hot and cold (mostly cold). Takashi Saito stuck his first opportunity, throwing a ground ball to the first man he faced to get an inning-ending double play and worked another inning and a third in the opening game of the Pittsburgh series.