Aybar Leads Dodger Minor League Stats

The top Dodger minor league hitters are listed in order in various departments as of games of April 18. Players with 10+ games are included.

Willie Aybar may not be the most recognizable player in the Dodger Minor League System but he dominates the early statistical rankings, leading in seven different departments.

He tops the charts in sluggng percentage, on-base plus slugging, runs created, games [tied], hits, home runs and runs batted in.

The stats also include some listings that may be new to our readers. OBP is on base average plus slugging. A mark in the .900s or better is excellent.

Runs created is a combination of at-bats, hits, walks and total bases. A season total in the 20s is good, one in the 30s is excellent.
  Batting average--   ave   tm
Andre Ethier LF       .452  LV
Willy Aybar 3B        .423  LV
Wilson Valdez SS      .364  LV
Ryan Carter OF        .341  VB
Russell Mitchell IF   .317  Col

  On-base pct--        obp  tm
Andre Ethier LF       .538  LV
Willy Aybar 3B        .475  LV
Andy LaRoche 3B       .407  JX
Chin-lung Hu IF       .393  JX
Wilson Valdez SS      .391  LV

  Slugging--          slug  tm
Willy Aybar 3B        .712  LV
Ryan Carter OF        .707  VB
Andre Ethier LF       .643  LV
Russell Mitchell IF   .610  Col
Joel Guzman LF        .549  LV

  On base + Slugging-- ops  tm
Willy Aybar 3B       1.186  LV
Andre Ethier LF      1.181  LV
Ryan Carter OF       1.079  VB
Russell Mitchell IF   .988  Col
Joel Guzman LF        .882  LV
Russell Martin C      .861  LV

  Runs created--       rc   tm
Willy Aybar 3B       17.86  LV
Andre Ethier LF      14.33  LV
Ryan Carter OF        9.47  VB
Russell Mitchell IF   9.09  Col
Joel Guzman LF        9.15  LV

  Games--               gm  tm
Willy Aybar 3B          13  LV
Andre Ethier LF         13  LV
Wilson Valdez SS        13  LV
Joel Guzman LF          13  LV
Chin-lung Hu IF         13  JX
Matt Kemp OF            13  JX

  Runs--              runs  tm
Andre Ethier LF         12  LV
Wilson Valdez SS        11  LV
Willy Aybar 3B          10  LV
Matt Kemp OF             8  JX
Joel Guzman LF           8  LV

  Hits--              hits  tm
Willy Aybar 3B          22  LV
Andre Ethier LF         19  LV
Joel Guzman LF          16  LV
Matt Kemp OF            15  JX
Ryan Carter OF          14  VB
Chin-lung Hu IF         14  JX

  Doubles--             2b  tm
Russell Martin C         6  LV
Matt Kemp OF             5  JX
Delwyn Young OF          5  LV

  Triples--             3b  tm
Ryan Carter OF           4  VB

  Home runs--           hr  tm
Willy Aybar 3B           4  LV
Joel Guzman LF           3  LV
Russell Mitchell IF      2  Col

  Runs batted in--     rbi  tm
Willy Aybar 3B          17  LV
Joel Guzman LF          13  LV
Delwyn Young OF          9  LV
Andre Ethier LF          8  LV
Russell Mitchell IF      7 Col
Justin Ruggiano OF       7  JX

  Stolen bases--        sb  tm
Justin Ruggiano OF     2-0  JX
Jon Weber OF           2-0  LV