Dodger Minor League Pitching Leaders

The Dodgers' top minor league pitching performances are listed as of games of April 18.

Carlos Alvarez of Jacksonville leads in three different categories and the Suns closer, Mark Alexander has his name atop two lists.

The stats also include some listings that may be new to our readers. Strikeouts, walks, hits and baserunners allowed are one of the categories.
    [starters]    w-l  tm
Alberto Bastardo  2-0  Col
Marlon Arias      2-0  Col
Chad Billingsley  2-0  LV
Aaron Sele        2-0  LV
    [relief]w ltm
Carlos Alvarez    2-0  JX
Mark Alexander    2-1  JX

  Earned run average--
    [starters]    era  tm
Matt Merricks    0.00  VB
Alberto Bastardo 0.87  Col
Brent Leach      1.69  Col
     [relief]     era  tm
Mark Alexander   0.00  JX
Jonathan Broxton 0.00  LV
Alvis Ojeda      0.00  JX

  Saves--        sv  tm
Jonathan Broxton  2  LV
Mark Alexander    1  JX

  Games--        gm  tm
Carlos Alvarez    6  JX
Jonathan Broxton  6  LV
  Five with five each

  Games started--
Nine with three each

  Innings--      in    tm
Heath Totten     18.0  JX
Aaron Sele       17.0  LV
Danny Muegge     17.0  JX
Brent Leach      16.0  Col
Chad Billingsley 15.1  LV

  Strikeouts--    so  tm
Brent Leach       20  Col
Chad Billingsley  19  LV
Justin Orenduff   19  JX
Matt Merricks     19  VB
Heath Totten      18  JX

  Strikeouts per 9 innings--
                  so/9  tm
Mark Alexander   15.58  JX
Matt Merricks    15.55  VB
Jonathan Broxton 15.00  LV
Justin Orenduff  13.05  JX
Alvis Ojeda      12.50  JX

  Hits per 9 innings--
                  h/9  tm
Mark Alexander   1.73  JX
Alvis Ojeda      3.75  JX
Matt Merricks    4.09  VB
Carlos Alvarez   4.35  JX
Jonathan Broxton 4.50  LV

  Walks per 9 innings--
                bb/9  tm
Carlos Alvarez  0.00  JX
Brian Akin      0.90  VB
Cory Wade       1.27  Col
Joe Beimel      1.27  LV
Heath Totten    1.50  JX

  Baserunners per 9 innings--
                  br/9  tm
Carlos Alvarez    4.05  JX
Mark Alexander    4.77  JX
Brian Akin        6.30  VB
Alvis Ojeda       7.02  JX
Casey Hoorelbeke  7.29  JX