Dodger Minor League Top Performers

Willy Aybar continues to domnate the batting charts, leading the franchise in five departments. Sergio Pedroza and Matt Kemp top two departments. On the pitching side of he ledger, Mark Alexander is a four-time leader, Brent Leach is atop three with Chad Billingsley toping two lists.

Aybar, the third baseman at Las Vegas, has been the overall leader in the hitting department since the season opened. He leads in runs created (25.7), games, hits (38), home runs (6 tied), games (27 tied) and runs batted in (29).

Matt Kemp, Jacksonville centerfieder and perhaps the Dodger centerfielder in waiting, is the slugging leader (.589) and also runs (21 tied). Sergio Pedroza, Columbus cleanup man, tops the list in on-base percentage (.468) and on base + slugging (1.036).

Vero Beach closer Mark Alexander is a triple leader, topping the charts in saves (6), hits per nine innings, relief (1.06) and earned run average, relief (0.00). Brent Leach, Columbus starter, is on the top in strikeouts (43), hits per nine innings, starters (4.40) and and starts (6, tied). Chad Billingsley is the only other mulltiple leader, topping the charts in starts (6, tied) and wins (3, tied).

The complete list as of May 4:

 Average--           ave  tm
Andre Ethier of      .349 LV
Willy Aybar 3b       .349 LV
Matt Kemp of         .336 Jx
Joel Guzman of       .327 LV
Wilson Valdez ss     .315 LV

  Runs created--      rc    tm
Willy Aybar 3b        25.73 LV
Matt Kemp of          25.09 Jx
Russell Mitchell inf  21.43 Col
Joel Guzman of        20.73 LV
Sergio Pedroza of     20.29 Col

  On-base pct.--      obp tm
Sergio Pedroza of    .468 Col
Andre Ethier iof     .447 LV
Matt Kemp of         .413 Jx
Willy Aybar 3b       .402 LV
Wilson Valdez ss     .394 LV

  Slugging--          slg tm
Matt Kemp of         .589 Jx
Willy Aybar 3b       .578 LV
Russell Mitchell inf .571 Col
Sergio Pedroza of    .568 Col
Lucas May of         .559 Col

  On base + slugging--  ops tm
Sergio Pedroza of     1.036 Col
Matt Kemp of          1.002 Jx
Willy Aybar 3b         .980 LV
Andre Ethier iof       .947 LV
Russell Mitchell inf   .934 Col

  Games--               gm  tm
Willy Aybar 3b          27 LV
Joel Guzman of          27 LV
Matt Kemp of            27 Jx
Wilson Valdez ss        27 LV
Tony Abreu 2b           26 Jx
Chin-lung Hu ss         26 Jx
Andy LaRoche 3b         26 Jx

  Runs--                 r tm
Matt Kemp of            21 Jx
Wilson Valdez ss        21 LV
Lucas May of            19 Col
Willy Aybar 3b          17 LV
Adam Godwin of          17 Col
Joel Guzman of          17 LV

  Hits--                 h tm
Willy Aybar 3b          38 LV
Matt Kemp of            36 Jx
Joel Guzman of          34 LV
Russell Mitchell inf    33 Col
Andre Ethier iof        30 LV

  Doubles--             2b tm
Russell Mitchell inf    13 Col
Matt Kemp of            11 Jx
Russell Martin c         9 LV
Willy Aybar 3b           7 LV
Ryan Carter of           7 VB
Sergio Pedroza of        7 Col
DY Young of              7 LV

  Triples--             3b tm
Ryan Carter of           5 VB
Lucas May of             4 Col
Andre Ethier iof         3 LV
Matt Kemp of             2 Jx

  Home runs--           hr tm
Willy Aybar 3b           6 LV
Joel Guzman of           6 LV
Lucas May of             6 Col
Sergio Pedroza of        5 Col
Craig Brazell 1b         4 Jx
Matt Kemp of             4 Jx
Russell Mitchell inf     4 Col

  Runs batted in--      bi tm
Willy Aybar 3b          29 LV
Joel Guzman of          23 LV
Sergio Pedroza of       21 Col
Russell Mitchell inf    17 Col
Matt Kemp of            15 Jx
Andy LaRoche 3b         15 Jx

  Stolen bases--        sb tm
Adam Godwin of         9-3 Col
Xavier Paul of         7-1 VB
Matt Kemp of           5-2 Jx
Dave Nicholson 2b      5-3 VB
Chin-lung Hu ss        4-1 Jx
Lucas May of           4-1 Col


  Wins--               w-l tm
Joe Beimel             3-0 LV
Chad Billingsley       3-0 LV
Aaron Sele             3-0 LV
Spike Lundberg         3-1 Jx
Marlon Aires           3-2 Col

  Saves--               sv tm
Mark Alexander           6 Jx
Jonathan Broxton         5 LV
Francisco Felix          3 Col
Kyle Wilson              3 VB
Cory Wade                2 Col

  Games--              gms tm
Casey Hoorelbeke        12 Jx
Jonathan Broxton        11 LV
Brian Akin              10 VB
Mark Alexander          10 Jx
Joe Beimel              10 LV
Alvis Ojeda             10 Jx
Carlos Ojeda            10 Jx

  Games started--       gs tm
Chad Billingsley         6 LV
Brent Leach              6 Col
Dan Muegge               6 Jx
Justin Orenduff          6 Jx

  Hits per 9 innings--
     [starters]        h/9 tm
Brent Leach           4.40 Col
Matt Merricks         4.89 VB
Chad Billingsley      5.17 LV
Al Bastardo           5.52 Col
Kyle Wilson           5.62 VB

  Hits per 9 innings--
     [relief]          h/9 tm
Mark Alexander        1.06 Jx
Greg Miller           1.80 Jx
Eric Hull             2.25 LV
Jonathan Broxton      3.00 LV
Brian Akin            3.24 VB

  Earned run aveage--
     [starters]       era tm
Al Bastardo          1.65 Col
Chad Billingsley     2.04 LV
Spike Lundberg       2.10 Jx
Scott Elbert         2.19 VB
Alvis Ojeda          2.20 Jx

  Earned run avrage--
     [relief]         era tm
Mark Alexander       0.00 Jx
Jonathan Broxton     0.00 LV
Greg Miller          0.00 Jx
Casey Hoorelbeke     0.54 Jx
Adam Thomas          0.55 VB

  Strikeouts--         so tm
Brent Leach            43 Col
Chad Billingsley       40 LV
Mario Alvarez          37 Col
Justin Orenduff        37 Jx
Matt Merricks          35 VB

 Strikeouts per 9 innings--
     [starters]      so/9 tm
Mario Alvarez        15.71  Col
Brent Leach          12.90 Col
Matt Merricks        12.45 VB
Justin Orenduff      11.06 Jx
Marlon Aires         10.73 Col

  Strikeouts per 9 innings--
     [relief]        so/9tm
Eric Hull            16.36 LV
Jonathan Broxton     14.59 LV
Mark Alexander       13.91 Jx
Ramon Troncoso       13.70 VB
Brian Akin           13.16 VB