Dodger Minor League Leaders

Figures show that the outstanding talent in the organization is not all clustered at the top, but instead extends throughout the Dodgers four minor league teams. The following charts cover most of the different statistical listings.

The Minor League leaderboard has a new batting leader, James Loney, who reached enough at-bats to qualify with a sizzling .380 average. Andrew Locke of Columbus moved into second place at .347.

The home run race is also close with Sergio Pedroza on top the list with eight, and five tied for second with six each, including Joel Guzman, Matt Kemp, Lucas May, Russ Mitchell and Justin Ruggiano.

Marlon Arias has five wins and four pitchers, Chad Billingsley, Albert Bastardo, Spike Lundberg, Marlon Arias are tied with four wins each.

Casey Hoorelbeke (0.33) tops all reliever in earned run average and Bastardo, splitting time between Vero and Jacksonville, lead the starters with a 1.23 ERA.

The Catfish strikeout kids Brent Leach (61) and Marlon Arias (59) are No. 1 and No 2, while teammate James McDonald is also in the top five.
.366- James Loney 1b     LV
.347- Andrew Locke of    Col
.337- Matt Kemp of       Jx
.322- Cole Bruce 1b      VB
.313- Dave Sutherland in Col

  On-base pct.  
.475- Jason Mooneyham 1b.  Col/VB
.465- Sergio Pedroza of    Col
.424- James Loney 1b       LV
.416- Matt Kemp of         Jx
.406- Andrew Locke of      Col

.539- Sergio Garcia 2b     LV
.538- Matt Kemp of         Jx
.520- Andrew Locke of      Col
.517- Sergio Pedroza of    Col
.497- Cole Bruce 1b        VB

  On base + slugging--  
.982- Sergio Pedroza of    Col
.944- Matt Kemp of         Jx
.926- Andrew Locke of      Col
.924- James Loney 1b       LV
.852- Cole Bruce 1b        VB

  Runs created--rc 
39.33- Matt Kemp           Jx
31.90- Sergio Pedroza      LV
24.28- Andy LaRoche        Jx
26.37- Russ Mitchell       Col
23.52- EY Young            LV

45- Tony Abreu 2b          Jx
45- Matt Kemp of           Jx
45- Andy LaRoche 3b        Jx
44- Jamie Hoffman          VB
44- Chin-Lung Hu ss        Jx
44- Russ Mitchell          Col
44- Justin Ruggiano of     Jx
44- Wilson Valdez ss       LV

37- Wilson Valdez ss       LV
35- Matt Kemp of           Jx
32- Russ Mitchell in       Col
29- Tony Abreu 2b          Jx
28- Sergio Pedroza of      Col

62- Matt Kemp of           Jx
52- Andrew Locke of        Col
52- Russ Mitchell in       Col
49- Joel Guzman of         LV
48- Blake DeWitt 3b        VB

18- Russ Mitchell in       Col
15- Matt Kemp of           Jx
14- DY Young of            LV
13- Cole Bruce 1b          VB
10- Sergio Pedroza of      Col
10- Justin Ruggiano of     Jx

6- Ryan Carter of          VB
6- Jaime Hoffman of        VB
5- Justin Ruggiano of      Jx
4- Andrew Locke of         Col
4- Lucas May of            Col

  Home runs--  
8- Sergio Pedroza of       Col
6- Joel Guzman of          LV
6- Matt Kemp of            Jx
6- Lucas May of            Col
6- Russ Mitchell in        Col
6- Jusin Ruggiano of       Jx

  Runs batted in--  
34- Andrew Locke of        Col
33- Sergio Pedroza of      Col
32- Andy LaRoche 3b        Jx
31- Russ Mitchell in       Col
30- Joel Guzman of         LV

  Stolen bases--
10-2- Matt Kemp of         Jx
10-3- Adam Godwin of       Col
 9-3- Xavier Paul of       VB
 9-7- Ivan De Jesus ss     Col
 7-5- Wilson Valdez ss     LV


5-3- Marlon Arias, Col
4-1- Chad Billingsley, LV
4-1- Spike Lundberg, Jx
4-4- Danny Muegge, Jx
4-2- Albert Bastardo, Col/VB

8- Mark Alexander, Jx
4- Brian Akin,  VB
4- Francisco Felix, Col
4- Kyle Wilson, VB

19- Casey Hoorelbeke, Jx
17- Mark Alexander, Jx
16- Luis Gonzalez, LV
16- Justin Reid, LV
15- Miguel Sanfler, Col

  Games started--  
10- Marlon Arias Col
 9- Chad Billingsley LV
 9- Scott Elbert VB
 9- DJ Houlton LV
 9- Blake Johnson VB
 9- Will Juarez LV
 9- Brent Leach, Col
 9- Spike Lundberg, Jx
 9- Danny Muegge, Jx
 9- Justin Orenduff, Jx
 9- Heath Totten, Jx

55.1- Heath Totten, Jx
52.2- Blake Johnson, VB
52.0- Danny Muegge, Jx
51.2- Spike Lundberg, Jx
54.1- Justin Orenduff, Jx

  Earned run average-
1.23- Albert Bastardo, Col/VB
2.44- Scott Elbert, VB
2.76- Spike Lundberg, Jx
3.22- Joel Hanrahan, Jx
3.23- Brent Leach, Col

  Earned run average--
0.33- Casey Hoorelbeke, Jx
0.70- Greg Miller, Jx/LV
1.29- Eric Hull, LV
1.33- Mark Alexander, Jx
1.63- Brian Akin, VB

61- Brent Leach, Col
59- Marlon Arias, Col
52- Chad Billingsley, LV
50- Justin Orenduff, Jx
47- Scott Elbert, VB
47- James McDonald, Col

Strikeouts per 9 innings-
12.00- Brent Leach, Col
11.89- Matt Merricks, VB
11.78- Marlon Arias, Col
11.36- Chad Billingsley, LV
10.75- Mario Alvarez, Col

  Strikeouts per 9 innings
14.59- Eric Hull, LV
13.16- Mark Alexander, Jx
12.40- James McDonald, Col
12.32- Brian Akin, VB
11.51- Ramon Troncoso, VB

  Hits per 9 innings--
5.29- Albert Bastardo, Col/VB
6.37- Scott Elbert, VB
6.43- Brent Leach, Col
6.43- Matt Merricks, VB
6.99- Chad Billingsley, LV

  Hits per 9 innings-
3.68- Mark Alexander, Jx
4.86- Eric Hull, LV
4.86- Greg Miller, Jx
5.23- Brian Akin, VB
5.27- Casey Hoorelbeke, Jx

  Base runners per 9 innings-
8.10- Brian Akin, VB
8.37- Casey Hoorelbeke, Jx
8.86- Albert Bastardo, Col/VB
9.00- Carlos Alvarez, Jx
9.90- Greg Miller, Jx
9.90- Heath Totten, Jx
Dodger Blue Notes-- With rumors that the Dodgers are thionking of moving their spring spring training base to Arizona, Ver0 Beach officials are preparing to find another team for Dodgertown -- or Washingtontown, or St. Louistown or whomever eventually moves in. The city would prefer the Dodgers stay, he said, but would not counter a bid from Arizona. He said the Dodgers have been satisfied with the facilities and have not asked for improvements. Cactus League officials say the Dodgers could "double their spring attendance and thus increase their revenue" by moving to Arizona. The Dodgers are believed to be in discussions with the Phoenix suburb of Glendale. The team would have to pay about $15 million to buy out its Vero Beach lease. Even with all the travel expenses, which a move to Arizona would certainly not erase completely, many of us who are math-challenged wonder how many more fans at $18 per head would it take to pay off the $15 million owed? …The Dodgers have the best record in baseball since May 5 (15-3) with an offense that is hitting well over .300 in that time. The best record for May in club history came in 1962 when the finished the month 21-7. The top 15 May finishes (with nine of them either a pennant winner, a division winner or in contention until the final days of the season):
Year   May record
1962   21- 7
1930   20- 8
1973   19- 8
1974   19- 8
1981   19-10

1965   19-12
1955   18- 9
1952   18- 8
1983   18- 8
1993   18- 8
1953   18- 9

1942   18-10
1970   18-10
1976   18-10
1932   18-12