Pedroza Continues to Hammer the Ball

Sergio Pedroza started the season banging the ball to all fields and has continued through the first two months of the season. He leads the Dodger minor league system in runs created (40.6), on-base percentage (.443), Slugging (.545), on base + slugging (.988), Home runs (12) and RBI (45).

The top five in both batting and pitching departments as of June 1.

Players now with the Dodgers are not incuded on the charts. The list:
  Average--         ave tm
James Loney 1b     .358 LV
Andrew Locke of    .346 Col
Wilkin Ruan of     .319 JX
Dave Sutherland 1b .305 Col
Dave Nicolson 2b   .301 VB

  Runs created--      rc tm
Sergio Peroza of    40.6 Col
Andrew Locke of     38.3 Col
Russell Mitchell 3b 35.3 Col
Andy LaRoche 3b     33.2 JX
Dave Sutherland 1b  31.2 Col

  On-base pct.--     obp tm
Sergio Peroza of    .443 Col
James Loney 1b      .422 LV
Andrew Locke of     .411 Col
Andy LaRoche 3b     .397 JX
Justin Ruggiano of  .390 JX

  Slugging--        slug tm
Sergio Peroza of    .545 Col
Andrew Locke of     .538 Col
Craig Brazell 1b    .490 JX
Russell Mitchell 3b .489 Col
James Loney 1b      .474 LV

  On-base+slugging-- ops tm
Sergio Peroza of    .988 Col
Andrew Locke of     .949 Col
James Loney 1b      .896 LV
Justin Ruggiano of  .847 JX
Andy LaRoche 3b     .830 JX

  Games--           gm tm
Tony Abreu 2b       52 JX
Joel Guzman of      52 LV
Chin-lung Hu ss     52 JX
Andy LaRoche 3b     52 JX
Russell Mitchell 3b 52 Col
Justin Ruggiano of  52 JX
Wilson Valdez ss    52 LV

  Runs--          runs tm
Russell Mitchell 3b 43 Col
Wilson Valdez ss    41 LV
Sergio Peroza of    38 Col
Andrew Locke of     37 Col
Tony Abreu 2b       35 JX

  Hits--          hits tm
Andrew Locke of     63 Col
Dave Sutherland 1b  63 Col
Russell Mitchell 3b 62 Col
Blake DeWitt 3b     60 VB
Joel Guzman of      57 LV

  Doubles--         2b tm
Russell Mitchell 3b 22 Col
Delwyn Young of     16 LV
Cole Bruce 1b       13 VB
Blake DeWitt 3b     12 VB
Andrew Locke of     12 Col
Sergio Peroza of    12 Col

  Triples--       3b tm
Ryan Carer of      6 VB
Andrew Locke of    4 Col
Lucas May of       4 Col
Justin Ruggiano of 3 JX

  Home runs--      hr tm
Sergio Peroza of   12 Col
Russell Mitchell 3b 8 Col
Craig Brazell 1b    7 JX
Joel Guzman of      6 LV
Andy LaRoche 3b     6 JX
Lucas May of        6 Col
Xavier Paul of      6 VB
Justin Ruggiano of  6 JX

  Runs batted in-- rbi tm
Sergio Peroza of    45 Col
Andrew Locke of     44 Col
Andy LaRoche 3b     37 JX
Russell Mitchell 3b 37 Col
Joel Guzman of      33 LV

  Stolen bases-- sb-cs tm
Jeff Duncan of   10-2 LV
Adam Godwin of   10-3 Col
Xavier Paul of   10-4 VB
Jamie Hoffman of  9-6 VB
Ivan De Jesus ss  8-3 Col
Wilson Valdez ss  8-7 LV


  Wins--         w-l tm
Spike Lundberg   5-1 Jx
Joel Hanrahan    5-2  Jx
Marlon Arias     5-3Col
Alberto Bastardo 5-3 Col/VB
  (Six tied with 4 each)

  Saves--       sv tm
Mark Alexander  11 Jx
Francisco Felix  5 Col
Kyle Wilson      5 VB
Brian Akin       4 VB
Casey Hoorlebeke 4 Jx

  Earned run average--
     [starters]   era tm
Scott Elbert     2.23 VB
Spike Lundberg   2.30 Jx
Alberto Bastardo 3.00 Col/VB
Brent Leach      3.17 Col/VB
Joel Hanrahan    3.21 Jx

  Earned run average--
     [relief]     era tm
Casey Hoorlebeke 0.28 Jx
Greg Miller      0.57 Jx/LV
Mark Alexander   1.08 Jx
Eric Hull        1.08 LV
Wesley Wright    1.37 VB

  Hits per 9 innings--
     [starters]   h/9 tm
Brent Leach      7.08 Col
Justin Orenduff  7.19 Jx
Spike Lundberg   7.27 Jx
Scott Elbert     7.30 VB
Brent Leach      7.31 Col/VB

  Hits per 9 innings--
     [relief]     h/9 tm
Casey Hoorlebeke 4.19 Jx
Mark Alexander   5.04 Jx
Greg Miller      5.46 Jx/LV
Kyle Wilson      5.73 VB
Wesley Wright    5.86 VB

  Walks/hits per inning--
     [starters]  whip tm
Blake Johnson    1.16 VB
Justin Orenduff  1.17 Jx
Spike Lundberg   1.21 Jx
Chad Billingsley 1.22 LV
Heath Totten     1.22 Jx

  Walks/hits per inning--
     [relief]   whip tm
Casey Hoorlebeke 0.80 Jx
Mark Alexander   0.84 Jx
Cory Wade        1.07 Col
Brian Akin       1.12 VB
Eric Hull        1.12 LV

  Games--         gm tm
Casey Hoorlebeke  23 Jx
Mark Alexander    20 Jx
Carlos Alvaez     18 Jx
Justin Reid       18 LV
Brian Akin        17 VB

  Games started-- gs tm
Mario Alvarez     11 Col
Chad Billingsley  11 LV
D.J. Houlton      11 LV
Heath Totten      11 Jx
  (Twelve wih 10 each)

  Innings--      in  tm
Heath Totten     66.1 Jx
D.J. Houlton     60.0 LV
Chad Billingsley 59.2 LV
Blake Johnson    59.2 VB
Spike Lundberg   58.2 Jx

  Strikeouts--   so tm
Brent Leach      71 Col/VB
Chad Billingsley 68 LV
Brent Leach      67 Col
Marlon Arias     63 Col
Alberto Bastardo 58 Col/VB

  Strikeouts per 9 innings--
     [starters]   so/9 tm
Matt Merricks    12.34 VB
Brent Leach      11.79 Col/VB
Marlon Arias     10.46 Col
Chad Billingsley 10.34 LV
Alberto Bastardo 10.24 Col/VB

  Strikeouts per 9 innings--
     [relief]    so/9 tm
Eric Hull       12.24 LV
Brian Akin      11.96 VB
Brent Leach     11.79 Col/VB
James McDonald  11.43 Col
T.J. Nall       10.82 LV/Jx