Two Months Prospect Report

As some of the top Dodger prospects advance to the big club, let's check on how some of the others are doing (and what some did to get them up there.) The rankings are where they were rated as the season opened.

1-Chad Bilingsley, rhp., Las Vegas- Hit a speed bump in two outings. Pitched well his last time but lost anyway as part of the overall Las Vegas slump. 4-3, 4.22, 47 strikeouts in 60 innings.

2- Andy LaRoche, 3b, Jacksonville- Has come out of an early slump nicely. Is leading the Southern League in RBI. 291-6-37.

3-Joel Guzman, of, Los Angeles- Called that long anticipated call-up just after Vegas manager Jerry Royster ripped him for lack of hustle. Was hitting .291-6-33 when the call came.

4- Russell Martin, c, Los Angeles. Has taken over behind the plate in LA. Don't look for him to go back down.

5- Scott Elbert, lhp, Vero Beach- Conitnues to pitch very effectively. 4-4, 3.05, 60 strikeouts in 59 innings.

6- Matt Kemp, of, Los Angeles- Made the leap from AA after hitting .327-7-34 at Jacksonville. If he goes back it will probably be to Vegas.

7- James Loney, 1b, Las Vegas- Has been ripping the ball since being sent back but we'll probably start hearing that "Where's the power?" cry again. .357-1-19.

8- Blake DeWitt, 2b, Vero Beach- Got hot, then cooled but is starting to rake again. .290-3-22.

9- Jonathan Broxton, rhp, Los Angeles. Seems to have found a permanent spot in the L.A. bullpen after being called up. Has added a splitter to become even more formidable.

10- Greg Miller, lhp, Las Vegas- Has been notching 96 on the gun, Control needs some fine-tuning. Could well be next prospect to head to the top. 1-0, 0.00, six strikeouts in 5.1 innings since moving up from Jacksonville.

11- Justin, Orenduff, rhp, Jacksonville- Has generally pitched quite well. 4-2, 3.40, 54 strikeouts in 50 innings.

12- Hong-Chi Kuo, lhp, Las Vegas- Sent down to straighten out his control. That hasn't really happened yet. 1-0, 3.75, 18 strikeouts in 12 innings.

13- Tony Abreu, 2b, Jacksonville- Bat hasn't heated up yet but is playing marvelously in the field. .264-3-22.

14- Andre Ethier, of, Los Angeles- Has been playing solidly with the Dodgers but still might get crowded out when those on the D.L.; return. Was hitting .349-1-12 for Las Vegas when summoned.

15- Delwyn Young, of, Las Vegas. Has stepped up his game now that he has a fulltime job because of the other recalls. .291-4-30.