Second Round Picks; Kershaw Named #1

The Dodgers nabbed lefthanded pitcher Clayton Kershaw who is considered the top high school player in the country with their first choice in the 2006 amateur draft. The second round, as it happens and the first round from yesterday are listed below:

Second Round
19 - On the second day of the draft, in the 19th round, the Dodgers selected Martin Beno, a righthanded pitcher from Gulf Coast Junior College in Mississippi. He made an impression in the Cape Cod League last summer, has an above average fast ball and curve but inconsistent command.

20 - In the 20th round, LA went for another righthanded pitcher, Bill Bullock, 6-5, 225, a high schooler from Florida.

21 - It was a college outfielder in the 21st round, Matt Berezay from the University of Pacific where he hit .322 with 11 home runs.

22 - They stayed with college outfielders in the 22nd round, choosing Chris Jensen, the left fielder for UCLA who hit .325 with six home runs.

23 - They went back to the ranks of high school pitching in the 23rd round with the choice of Eric Thompson, a 6-6, 215-pound righthander from Roseburg, Ore.

24 - A college catcher, John Martin, a 6-3, 205-pound righthanded hitter from Emporia State.was the pick in the 24th round.

25 - Another college catcher was chosen in the 25th round, Esteban Lopez from the University of Hawaii, a defensive specialist who hit only .260.

26 - In the 26th round, they re-drafted Kody Kaiser, a draft-eligible sophomore that they first chose in 2004. He was in the outfield at the University of Oklahoma but is expected to play second base as a pro. The nephew of the Sooners coach, he's regarded as a tough sign.

27 - It was back to the high school ranks in the next two rounds. In the 27th round, the choice was catcher Tony Casario, a 6-1, 80-pound lefthanded hitter from New Jersey.

28 - In the 28th round, the Dodgers chose Taylor Lewis, a well-regarded 6-4, 190-pound righthander from Arizona.

29 - In the 29th round, they returned to the catching mode, taking Roberto Perez, a 6-0, 200-pounder from the high school ranks of Puero Rico.

30- They selected their biggest player yet, 6-8 Steve Burkhard, a lefthanded high schooler from Georgia in the 30th round.

31 - L.A. finally got around to selecting a third baseman in the 31st round, hulking (6-4, 200) Jonathan Wilson from a St. Luis suburban high school.

32 - It was back to catchers again in the 32d round, Jordan Kopycinski ( 5-11, 175) from Houston.

33 - Curt Bradley, the son of former major leaguer Bill Bradley, was the choice in the 33rd round. He's a draft-eligible sophomore from Northern Iowa University. A second baseman, Bradley hit .331 during this past season.

34 - In the 34th round, the selection was Luke Yoder, a 5-11, 195-pound righthanded hitting outfielder. He's a Calfornia high schooler.

35 - Nick Buss, a lefthanded-hitting outfielder from San Diego Mesa College was taken in the 35th round. He led his team in hitting, batting .382 and stole 21 bases.

36 - The stockpiling of catching continued with the choice of Robert Taylor, a 6-2, 210-pounder from Laredo Community College in Texas in the 36th round.

37 - In the 37th round, third baseman Anthony Benner from Southwestern College in California was re-drafted. He's moving up. Last year, out of high school, he was a 46th round pick.

38 - A second player from Texas High School in Texarkana, Tex. was taken. He's Kameron Forte, a smallish (5-9, 165) catcher. His teammate, shortstop Justin Coats was selected in the 16th round in Tuesday's process.

39 - The Dodgers kept it in the family in the 39th round with the re-drafting of Jake Debus, the nephew of Jon Debus, organizational catching instructor. Jake's a 6-2, 185-pound lefthanded pitcher from Moraine Valley, a junior college in Illinois. He was first taken last year out of high school, also in the 39th round.

40- In the 40th round, the choice was Chris Jones, a 5-10, 162-pound shortstop, a high schooler from Georgia.

41 - The Dodgers waited until the 15th round before selecting a catcher. Since then they've picked six more, the latest being Todd McCraw, a 6-3, 210-pounder South Carolina high schooler, taken in the 41st round.

42 - In the 42nd round, it was Joe Dispensa, a 5-10, 185-pound lefthanded hitting center fielder from Chicago.

43 - In the 43rd round the choice was Jordan Chambliss, a two-sport performer from Texas A & M. As a safety/punt returner in football, he tore up his anterior crucial ligament so got off to a slow start this spring. He's a righthander with a low 90's fast ball and a good curve.

44 - Aaron Barrett, a teammate of Preston Mattingly's at Evensville, Indiana Central High was the 44th round selection. He's a 6-5, 190-pound righthander.

45 - In round 45 the Dodgers reached into the Braves' backyard, taking lefthander Greg Hendrix, a 6-4, 170-pound lefthander from an Atlanta high school.

46 - It was back to the California high schools for round 46 with the choice of second baseman Ryan Aguayo, 5-10, 180 pounds.

47 - In the 47th round the choice was Brett Sowers a rather small (5-11, 175) third baseman from a Denver suburb, who's extremely strong (Think a very young Don Zimmer). He hit 17 home runs in a short season but it'll take a lot of money to lure him away from the University of Nebraska to which he seems committed.

48 - Another high school third baseman, Tanner Biagini (6-2, 200) from North Carolina was taken in the 48th round.

49 - In the 49th round, LA selected a big (6-4, 220) strong first baseman, Paul Goldschmidt from a Texas high school.

50 - The final Dodger selection of the two days was Kurt Benton, a 5-10, 180-pound high school righthanded pitcher from North Carolina.

First-day selections
1 - LHP Clayton Kershaw is a 6-4 210-pounder who has a 96 mph fast ball and an outstanding curve.Even after straining an oblique muscle, he came back to strike out the first 15 men he faced. He compiled a 9-0, 0.46 record, striking out 109 in just 46 innings. He's considered an intelligent, athletic pitcher with command.

2 - With their second choice in the first year draft, the one the Dodgers received from the Angels as the compensation for signing Jeff Weaver, they selected righthander Bryon Morris from Motlow State Community College in Tennessee. Morris actually fell back into the draft ala Luke Hochevar when the Devil Rays failed to sign him as a draft-and-follow. He has a fast ball that reaches 95 and a power curve. His delivery is unorthodox which makes his command inconsistent but his upside is considerable.

3 - With the supplental choice the Dodgers also received as compensation for losing Weaver, they went for shortstop Preston Mattingly, the son of former major league batting champion Don of the Yankees, who's an Indiana high schooler.

It will be viewed as a surprise but it isn't, really. Mattingly is a superb athlete-an all-state wide receiver in football and a big scorer in basketball. He's 6-3, 200 pounds with an excellent approach at the plate which is not a shock considering who is father is.

Mattingly isn't smooth at short and could well be moved to another position as a pro, possibly even the outfield.

4 - The Dodgers resumed selecting in the fourth round with first baseman Kyle Orr from British Columbia, the first Canadian chosen this year. Orr has a big swing that has resulted in some prodigious power displays. He's had trouble making contact at times but his power possibilties are impressive.

5 - In the fifth round the Dodgers went for righthander Kyle Smit from Spanish Springs High in Sparks, Nev. He has been inconsistent at times but when he's right had one of the best arms in the state. He has a loose arm, throws in the low 90's and has a slider that isn't always there but when it's right, it's deadly. He's considered very projectable.

6 - The sixth-round choice for the Dodgers was lefthanded reliever Garret White from the University of Mississippi. He led the team in both appearances (25) and saves (8) and should help out a bullpen in need of lefty relief. He throws in the the 90-92 range, goes right after hitters with an agressive style.

7 - With their seventh-round choice, they picked first baseman Jamie Ortiz, a high schooler from Guayama, P. R. He possesses a sweet left-handed swing that projects some pop and should hit for a good average.

8 - In the eigthth round, the Dodgers went for a college outfielder, Tommy Giles, a senior who tied for the team lead in home runs for the University of Miami, sending eight out of the yard. He has enough speed and arm to be able to play any of the three outfield slots.

9 - Another college senior was the choice in the ninth round, third baseman Bridger Hunt from Central Missouri State. He has some sting in his bat and possesses a strong arm and good range.

10 - The 10th round choice was another first baseman, Andy D'Alessio from Clemson who finally got his game into gear this year as a junior, hitting .313. He's a superior defender who can produce power with a left-handed swing that does have some holes.

11 - The college trend continued in the 11th round ith the selection of shortstop Justin Fuller from Lewis & Clark, an NAIA power. He's from Juneau, Alaska, but went to high school in Washington state to develop his game. He bats left with a line-drive swing and hit .361-5-46 . He has adequate range and is a bit older at age 23.

12 - It was still another collegian in the 12th round, Paul Coleman from Pepperdine, a 6-4, 195-pound lefthander.

13 - It wasn't exactly back to high schools for the next choice in round 13 because Nick Akins a, shortstop with a fine bat, quit school and was playing in an adult weekend league in Los Angeles. He was a star in the Cape Cod High School Classic last summer and was considered a possible first-rounder at that time. He has committed to San Diego State but could be a real steal if the Dodgers are able to land him. He has true power potential.

14 - RHP Alex White, from Greenville, N.C. taken in the 14th round could be special but he also could be a tough sign so fell in the draft. He's hit 95 on the gun so has been heavily scouted and recruited by colleges. He also throws a strong slurve that he seems to rely upon. A superior athlete, he has exceptional potential.

15 - In the 15th round, the Dodgers went for their first catcher of the day, 6-3, 205-pound Gorman Erickson, a switch- hitter from the San Diego high school ranks.

16 - Shortstops are proving a popular choice for the Dodgers. In the 16th round they went for stocky (5-8, 180) righthanded hitter Justin Coats from Texas High in Texarkana, Tex.

17 - In the 17th round, the Dodgers went for a college second baseman, Mike Rivera, a 6-0, 185-pound righthanded hitter.

18 - In the 18th round- the final one for the first day- longtime Pacific Northwest scout Hank Jones had the privelege of selecting his own son, righthander Joe Jones, 6-5, 210-pounder from the University of Portland.

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