Gagne May go on DL; Shelley on it Now

The Dodgers will make a decision about ace closer Eric Gagne and the disabled list soon, with second baseman Jeff Kent coming off the DL. At the same time, is handicapped by Bill Shelley's aching back and have placed him on the DL effective back to Friday. Shelley was hospitalized over the weekend and (hopefully) will be resting at home soon and back in action this week.

The first place Dodgers had Monday off and will spend the next six days on the road in San Diego and Oakland.

Gagne has not picked up a baseball since a brief, painful session Friday when pain in his elbow returned. He went on five-day medication for inflammation around the ulnar nerve, but Dodgers manager Grady Little agreed that there is a strong likelihood Gagne will have to go back to the DL until his elbow has completely recovered.

On the other hand, Jeff Kent is eligible to return from the DL and will be activated for today's game in San Diego. Kent and Gagne could switch spots if the Dodgers are satisfied to go with an 11-man pitching staff, as they did for a stretch earlier this season.

Gagne has undergone two surgeries on his elbow in the past year, the first -- last June -- to relocate a nerve and then again in April to remove that nerve. The current discomfort is located in a slightly different area of his elbow. Gagne described the pain as "not bruise-like" but "more of a shock, but not that bad" that prevents him from fully extending his arm in the throwing motion. If a pitcher is on Little's menu, he will probably sent outfielder/infielder Joel Guzman back to Las Vegas so he can play every day. Casey Hoorelbeke seems to be in the spotlight along with his miniscule 0.24 earned run average complied at Jacksonville.

Rumors have it the Dodgers, despite the emergences of Kemp and fellow rookie Andre Ethier, continue to search for more established outfield help — and are aggressively team pursuing Nationals left fielder Alfonso Soriano.

But common sense says they don't need a $11 million outfielder who a] doesn't want to play in the outfield, b] is in his last contract year and will want even more money and perhaps the most importantly c] need a starting pitcher much more than another outfielder.

The Dodgers' lead the NL in starting ERA, but right-handers Derek Lowe and Brad Penny should get most of the credit for that Aaron Sele has been pretty solid but Brett Tomko, Jae Seo and Odalis Perez have been spotty at best.

Oakland has Barry Zito on the available list but, as does Washington, they are expecting to get two or more of the Dodgers remarkable young players in exchange.

Right-hander Chad Billingsley, is waiting to get a his shot and it would make much more sense to add him to the staff instead of spending the club's future in exchange of expensive options.