Dodgers Beat Yanks, Sox to Preston Mattingley

The rivalry that exists between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees is the most storied one in baseball and may well rank as tops in all of sportsdom. And you can bet that whenever one gets the edge on the other, they treasure it. Which is what the Sox planned to do as they prepared for the supplemental first round of last week's draft.

The Yankees had the 41st pick and they planned to use it on shortstop Preston Mattingly. But the Sox had pick No. 40 just ahead of the Yanks and they liked Mattingly a lot, too. So, they phoned him at his home in Evansville, Ind. and told him not to get measured for pinstripes because they were going to choose him. Hoo, boy, won't that frost all of New York when the son of onetime New York great Don walked up the plate at Yankee Stadium, wearing a uniform that said "Boston" on the front. That'll get 'em back for Johnny Damon.

But that scene won't be played, either, for Dodger scouting director Logan White had his eyes on Mattingly himself. Thus, L.A., equipped with pick #31 chose Mattingly the younger and left the other two teams waiting in vain.

Wearing a Dodger practice jersey, Mattingly told the story of the phone calls as he prepared for practice with the Gulf Coast Dodgers. Asked if it felt strange, Mattingly replied, "Not really." Leave it for others to think that.

Preston is one of four newcomers who reported to the GCL club to prepare for next Tuesday's opener. Also, in camp are lefthander Skylar Tripp and third baseman Brian Mathews, both draft-and-follows from the 2005 selection process plus catcher Enrique Lopez from Arizona by way of the University of Hawaii.

Also on hand is Birdger Hunt, the ninth-round selection from Central Missouri State but he won't be playing with this club. Hunt, who was listed as a third baseman when he was taken, is working out here for a week, then will join Columbus -- as a center fielder.

The Gulf Coast team expects two or three more from the draft while the others will report to Ogden .