Ill-Fated Greenberg Now A Dodger

There probably isn't a baseball player alive who hasn't fantasized about that magic moment when he makes his major league debut. But all those fantasies involve a dramatic success, of course, so how could Adam Greenberg ever have visualized what a nightmare his moment turned out to be?

Called up from AA ball toward the end of last season, Greenberg made his first appearance as a pinchhitter. However, the magic of the moment disappeared when a pitch from Valerio de los Santos of the Marlins sailed inside and hit him squarely on the helmet.

Greenberg never was to get into a big league game again for he suffered from vertigo and dizziness. This spring the Cubs sent him back to the Southern League but not to play often- or particularly well. With his average at .179, the discouraged Greenberg asked for his release. It was granted.

Now, he's getting another chance at the game for the Dodgers signed him and have placed him in the Jacksonville outfield. Greenberg's a lefthanded hitter who relies on speed for he's never had more than four home runs in any one season.

With Greenberg installed with the Suns , they dropped Anthony Raglani back to Vero Beach. Raglani, the winner of the Ben Wade award as the Dodger organization Rookie of the Year in 2005, has never gotten untracked in the Southern League, hitting .212-4-21 when he was sent back.

Vero, in turn, sent down one of its major disappointments, third baseman Travis Denker , who was batting .220-5-25. He's been sent to Columbus where he'll go back to playing second base. He was a South Atlantic League All-Star at that position last year.

Vero also added an outfielder, Eloy Gutierrez from the extended camp. Gutierrez is a swift Mexican who hit .269-1-19 for the Gulf Coast Dodgers in 2005. To make room for Gutierrez, outfielder Ryan Russ was released.